ATG Game Review: Apex Legends

Welcome back everyone we have yet another big game review for you here today! We are still going to be in the free game area but in this case we will be looking at console games instead of mobile ones and this one is a HUGE player in the battle royale genre. But before I get into which it is (which you may already know) I just want to remind you that all our game reviews come to you courtesy of our sister site Cancel Cancer. If you want to join us in our battle against this disease that’s been trying to do in the founder of this very website then click the banner below and check out our facebook page. We will soon be having the version 2.0 of our cancer monster shirts being made and all profit from those sales goes to charity!

So as you may have already guessed we are talking about the game Apex: Legends which is made by Respawn which is the group that made Titanfall. Now when we first heard about this they were saying “Titanfall without Titans” and my initial thought was Well then what’s the point in that? Now after having played the game several times I have to say I’m not sure if this is supposed to be the same world as Titanfall but it is certainly just fine without giant robots (though a Mech Warrior like Battle Royale would be awesome in my opinion!)

So most of the BR games out there have 100 people and unless you play duo’s or squads you are in a free for all battle across the map. Apex changes this right now by only allowing squads of 3! In some ways this is a cool thing since you always have a team to rely on, however if you don’t have a ton of online friends to play games with (like me) then you get stuck in teams with randoms and that can be good or horrible. I have had teams where we rescue each other and share materials and guns and such and I have had a team where one guy made it to 3rd place because he hid the entire time even when our teammate was getting killed in the very next room! Now I mentioned that most games have the 100 players for BR but in Apex its 20 teams of 3 so only 60 people. In some ways this is good because people can drop and not necessarily see a ton of others unless you drop into a heavy activity place however this also means that sometimes you can go all game without seeing another person until the very end!

One big thing in BR games like fortnite is when you jump into the fray everyone can jump whenever they want and your team unless on mics can end up spread out all over the map depending on where everyone prefers to land. This is mostly changed in Apex and I think for the better for the most part. You see in Apex, they randomly assign someone in your squad to be jumpmaster and they decide when you jump and they guide the group down to where they want you all to land. The downside to this is that if they don’t know where they’re going you could land in a place without weapons or loot like on top of a mountain or something. Now if you don’t like when and where someone is going to jump you can decide to jump on your own and if you’re picked as jumpmaster and don’t want to be you can also relinquish that as well. I personally say jump with your team so that you can all back each other up. If you have a good team they will ping weapons and not horde stuff so everyone can have a chance in the opening fights.

Another interesting change is in the characters you can use in the game. You see most BR games have a very generic base character that has not a single special thing to it then you can buy coins or something to get special skins for the generic character so that you can be special looking. In Apex though, they have gone more the MOBA or Team Battle games like Smite or Overwatch route by giving you several characters you can choose from each with their own special things they can do and how they look. In this case there are eight characters each of which have their own special powers and ultimate abilities. They also have finishing moves that you can do to destroy a downed opponent! Now these characters do have skins you can unlock or buy and all the weapons have those too. There are even two characters behind the paywall that you can unlock though honestly you can wait till you earn enough credits in game to unlock them too! I truly hope we end up with a bunch more good characters fairly quickly. I hope they start adding them like the way Smite does and not with the snails pace that Overwatch does.

Another interesting twist is the healing of your teammates in Apex. Most BR games when you have a team you can heal your teammates if they get knocked down but Apex takes this one step further. In Apex you even have a chance to resurrect your fallen comrades by grabbing their banners and taking them to a respawn point. You can then bring the person back though they will not have full health nor will they have any weapons. Luckily around most respawn points are usually 3 canisters so if they haven’t been looted yet your revived teammate might be able to restock!

A few other added twists I have seen in Apex are:

Lack of Fall Damage

Ability to Slide

No scopes on most sniper weapons (you have to find those)

Ability to heal while moving

Shotguns have a better range than in other BR’s

Amazing graphics

Other than that it is like any other BR out there with an intricate little map and a moving storm circle that closes in on you as the game timer progresses. I have come to find that I enjoy this game quite a bit; however, I do get a little discouraged when I am having trouble getting used to how the movement and such feel compared to say Fortnite. You really need to find some good teams to play with until you get used to the weapons and unfortunately, most of my teams have sucked. Also they need a good tutorial game system like maybe a ranked system or something. Right now I have 2 kills as one chaacter and I end up going against people with 30 to 200 kills per character and against them, I have no chance yet as a noob, which is very disheartening. So, for now, I stick with Fortnite mostly and I try to get in one or two games of Apex every day or so just to try and get more familiar with it but it still has not won me over and is no where near replacing Fortnite for me.

Have you guys played Apex yet? If so what do you think of it? Have you been good at getting kills or are you like me with BR games and just do ok at it? Personally, I love playing the games but I prefer bigger teams like team rumble or 50 vs 50 in Fortnite where I can be a reviver and medic support type person and let the better people get the kills. I will admit in Fortnite I am doing better and tend to get about 10% of the kills when we have the big team battles, so hopefully I will keep improving on Apex as well! Let us know below all that and more!

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