ATG Comic Reviews: Tank Girl All Stars #1

So this week we are bringing you some fun stuff once more from Vibranium Comics and Games! While it was a week away from the blogging, it doesn’t seem like it really was all that long to me since we kept ourselves busy with sleep studies and trips to the movies and such. However, we are back and Vibranium has hit us up with 2 new reviews to do this week for them. So be sure to give them some love and stop by their shop or visit them online with the typical banners for facebook up top and the website down below. Vibranium is an awesome shop that has a great staff that gets to know you as a person and not just a dollar sign.

This weeks first comic will be a blast from the past known as Tank Girl All Stars. If you know anything about this character then you know the reason I say it’s a blast from the past is because there was once a while back a movie of the same name and that movie was a VERY weird thing. To say that this comic lived up to the very same weirdness of the movie would be to put it mildly. This comic was a collection of smaller comics and some small bits of prose. I guess the style of the comics is likable to some but it honestly isn’t my usual cup of tea.


The art style for this comic has always been a confusing one to me. Normally I like this style of art as it has some good distinct lines and good coloring. The humans look like humans and the ummm kangaroo people look like anthros so not many problems there. The reason it becomes odd to me though is because the people drawing this have such talent and yet they in my opinion waste them on stupid looking odd outfits, weird almost cancer chemo patient hairstyles and an over abundance of band aids! Hell in this comic they begin with a small one of Tank Girl getting rid of her old fashions (if you can call them that) and she ends up looking like a grown up version of Eleven from Stranger Things. The old fashions were ridiculous even compared to the thought of a grown up Eleven still dressing in that blue dress and pink coat (one outfit reminds me of Madonna and the Blonde Ambition Tour I think it was but instead of a cone bra its missiles strapped to the breasts). Then you have the weird Kangaroo people that to me look more like dog people and it’s just odd. The writing too is as strange as the art can be at times. They tell good stories, but then you see they have this weird dystopian society and the Kangaroo guy has a name yet the girl who flies in a plane is plane girl and the girl who drives a tank is tank girl. Do these people not have names? Are they not smart enough to know and remember their own names so they just call each other by the thing they do? The stories are interesting, for instance it ends with a Zombie like story that seemed pretty cool and that I could have maybe gotten into but then the actual dialogue was so off putting to me with the names and some of the things said that I just couldn’t sit and enjoy it.

All in all, I think this comic left me with the same feel as the old movie did. I enjoyed it for the sexy girl in it even if she did have a chemo patients haircut and I enjoyed the action in it and everything else kinda sucked to me. When you lose me on dialogue and other writing things you’ve lost me for the whole no matter how good looking the girl or how good the action. This may not be true for all so if you like leggy hot girls in odd dystopian fashions you might like this. If you enjoy mutant kangaroo men beating up mutant zombies then hey this might be for you too!

If you do like Tank Girl sound off below and let me know what it is you like about it…I mean after all this comic is celebrating the girls 30th Anniversary so it must have some staying power for some reason right?  What are your thoughts on this comic and story line in general? Sound off below!

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  1. I guess the only thing I can say is alrighty then. I don’t know anything about Tank Girl other than it was an indie comic and a bizarre film. However, I was interested after reading this article and did some research into Ms. Tank. The original comic book sounds a bit odd enough that I might like it. Apparently, Titan Books released a compilation of the original back in 2012. I think I may check this out, but judging by your review, I’ll save my money on Tank Girl All-Stars and get DC’s Hanna-Barbara crossovers.

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