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So welcome back to blog 2 in our 2 part review series this week. I do want to apologize for the lateness of the blogs this week. I ended up reading the comic on Wednesday and then on Thursday and Friday my chronic fatigue was just killing me and made it where I was good for nothing. Saturday rolled around and saw us preparing for my son’s birthday party which was on Sunday. Then today as I write this, we had a Doctors appointment at Moffit Cancer Center to get a second opinion on what’s been going on with my Cancer fight which is still kinda on hold and a big question mark in my life right now. Anway, so that is why things are so late this week and running up almost into this next weeks So this one is also from Vibranium and it is from IDW with two classic comics mashed up into one nerdy adventure for all the older geeks! Be sure to check the links below to give some love to Vibranium Comics, who we couldn’t do these blogs without.

This weeks penultimate comic review is classic G1 Transformers versus Classic Star Trek the Animated Series. In this we see the Starship Enterprise with the interesting crew that is part Original Series and part “Hey we needed something odd and different for the cartoon” show up to a mining planet near the neutral zone… know cause in the TOS series everything took place near or in the Neutral Zone in one area or another. Anyway in this cast, you are missing Chekov but he has been replaced by an weird 3 armed orange alien where literally a third arm comes out of the middle of his chest. There is also the cat woman M’ress who is a lovely anthro cat girl who purrs and meows as she talks. So anyway, the Enterprise finds the mining colony to have gone silent so Kirk beams down with Sulu, Spock, and M’ress to find out what’s going on.

What they find is a mining colony that is being attacked by 20th century Earth type military vehicles in the form of Jets. They also almost get run down by a Tractor Trailer which Kirk shoots to reveal Optimus Prime. Kirk then gets the Enterprise to fire some torps right at the Decepticons who retreat to one of the planets moons just to find the Klingons. When the Klingons are told about the Enterprise they decide to join with the Decepticons. Scotty and McCoy are both called down to try and fix Optimus and the rest of the crew go into the mining colony just to find more Autobots who seem pretty either scared or freaked out and or pissed to see them.

What are your thoughts about a mashup like this, or mashups in general when it comes to comics? Have you read this one for yourself? If so, what are your thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below and let us know what your thoughts are. These reviews are for you so make your voices heard and share your thoughts, theories, ideas, and views with us! If you like what we do feel free to drop by to help us out with a small tip. Every tip will go to expanding our site and what we can talk about and do for you.

3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Reviews: Star Trek vs Transformers

  1. STAR TREK comics used to be hit and miss for me, but I’ve been reading some excellent stuff whether it’s Byrne’s NEW VISIONS, the recent Season 4, or the TNG Mirror Mirror series. This looks fun and I love how the art is designed like the animated series. Definitely will get this when the trade comes out!

  2. What amazes me is how there are things I learn from you guys that I wouldn’t have known had I not started exploring the geeky side of myself that you guys oh so lovingly entice me to do! I first enjoyed Star Trek in my younger years when it was a film but now that I’m a bit more mature now perhaps exploring the comic version would give me some entertainment on my downtime?

    1. The comics have always been fun….I want to say that IDW has the licences now for the comics and they tend to do very well with the stories for their various properties. Now the Animated Series which this comic is based on is both a treasure to watch and a bit of a “huh?” moment. For instance it is the only version of Star Trek in TV or Movie to have a main character that is a Caitan (cat person) the only other place I can think of in Star trek for this unless there have been some in Discovery since I haven’t seen that yet is a small cameo in the movie where they found spocks brother. In this movie they have a Caitan dancing girl who looks a bit mangy dancing on the pool table…she attacks Kirk for a moment if I remember correctly. Yet in the OTAS (Original Trek Animated Series) they have a Caitan who is a regular. the other odd thing is the fact that Chekhov is missing from th series if I remember correctly. He has instead been replaced by this orange guy with three arms that you never see in any other series and that I’m not even sure has a cannon species in Trek lore.

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