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Welcome back to our weekly comic reviews. This review is also from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Since we are running late this week and being plagued by Migraines and broken computer keys I am going to try and work through this one swiftly yet completely before anything else can go wrong. Please remember to give our friends at Vibranium some lovins by heading into their shop today Wednesday the 4th of July! They have some good sales going today which I believe one of them is 50% off wall and back issues which is a great deal! So check them out and be sure to check out their facebook page from the banner above to see what other sales and events they have coming up or if you want to shop from the comfort of home check out their webpage below.

So for our second comic this week from Vibranium we have a real throwback to the days of Television that comes before me…well ok I was born right in the middle of all the madness that was this show and it is Charlies Angels. Charlies Angels was a good concept that was no doubt ahead of it’s time and is something I think would go over pretty well right now in our days of seeing more women powered action flicks that are coming out. Charlies Angels were 3 women cops who left the police force to go into private investigation for a mysterious benefactor who you don’t see named Charlie. As they are lovely women they are his angels and thus you get the name of the story. This was a common enough type of story back in the day too with things like Knight Rider, Hardcastle and McCormick and Cagney and Lacey. This one though was the real girl power one and if I remember correctly their male counterpart in the agency who they kinda reported to was not much help most times from what I remember. This goes well with the fact that Bosley was played by Bill Murray in the few big screen reboots that this show got several years back. To me this at first seemed an odd comic to be rebooting the Story of but now that I do a few net searches it seems that CA is being rebooted for the big screen yet again.

Now I have to admit I liked how this comic went. It did good use of introducing the characters and it made good use of seeing them use wits and such to solve some crimes and put the baddies behind bars. I also like the girl power feel to it but then again growing up I loved the Totally Spies cartoon which was basically an animated teen version of Charlies Angels. The artwork in this was good and it even set up the next few comics nicely. There was some good comedy in some of the lines which fits right in with all I remember of this especially the rebooted one.

I know most of us in this realm are too young to remember the original but how did you like it if you watched the reruns? Did you enjoy the Cameron Diaz led big screen reboot? Do you think this type of film will do good being rebooted again or should they make a new TV series out of it? Or are you just tired of all female led movies? Whatever it is you think we want to hear it!


3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Reviews: Charlies Angels

  1. I remember watching “Charlie’s Angels” as a kid so I was curious when I saw the ad for the comic. The art looked passable, but I couldn’t get much of a feel for the book from the preview. The concept of “Charlie’s Angels” was from producer Fred Silverman who helped ABC become the number one network in the mid-70’s, partially due to what became known as “Jiggle Television,” shows that revolved around buxom women. Shows like “Charlie’s Angels” and “Three’s Company” are two good examples. The show was your typical 70’s crime show with three beautiful detectives. Was it great TV? No, but it was entertaining for many and lasted several seasons. The first reboot film was fun but the second was awful. I don’t know if the show was ahead of its time but it fit in well for the 70’s.

    1. I think it was ahead of its time in that it had 3 women as the heroes in something that was not a pure comedy and they were the actual heroes and not just some damsels in distress or the butt of the jokes. They very much were the model feminist icons of the day if you think about it. They were 3 independent women who kicked ass. They didn’t really need Bosley that I remember he was just kinda like their secretary go between for Charlie and them…a facilitator but not much more. In TV and Film you still struggle to get that good female representation even now a days.

  2. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t know Charlies Angels actually started off as a comic. It’s nice that I’ve been learning a lot from you guys here. If I have the time I’ll probably check my local comic book store if they have an old copy in hand or something, I loved Charlies Angels as a movie! I enjoy female led movies just as much as I enjoy male led movies. I focus more on the content! P.S. I also loved Totally Spies 🙂

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