ATG Comic Review: Zorro Swords of Hell

Welcome back all my faithful readers. I am glad you’re back with us as you are the reason we go and put the word out every week about these awesome and sometimes not so awesome comics! This week is going to be interesting as I wanted to just do what we got from the shops like usual which this week was only one but then I found 3 more that just are begging…begging for my attention so I have 4 for you this week! Not only that but I am still trying to make the WXW blog from the WXW 22nd Anniversary show which had just passed a few weeks ago…I am trying to get back into doing those and what better one to do this with than the 22nd year anniversary! The big problem is trying to find time to do all of this in! This weekend my brother gets married…that’s right my little brother who is a half brother but as dear to me as any brother could be, gets married to Sarah (same name as my wife) who I introduced him to several years back while we all worked at Busch Gardens together! That’s right, before I even got this site going with most of the things on here I had hooked them up and now he’s paying for it…I mean ummmm benefiting from it with marriage. I’m just kidding everyone, I love his soon to be wife as much as I love him…I just bust his chops more than hers because he is my little brother. I still can’t believe I had met him back when he was like 12 or maybe even younger and then when I turned 30 he was exactly half my age. Now I see him all grown up (relatively speaking) and getting married….it does a cancer survivor/warrior like me good to be able to see things like this happening. Speaking of which, our fundraiser for the Wheelchair has reached its goal so thank you to everyone who has helped out with that it is much appreciated. It should be shipping tomorrow or Friday so once it is in we will be sure to give you guys pics and video of it…maybe even an unboxing video to help show you guys what we all accomplished together!

So let’s jump right into this now that we have the pleasantries over and done with. Our only true review comic this week is from Vibranium Comics and Games so be sure to drop by their facebook and webpage sites linked below to find out about all the great events coming up and do some virtual shopping. But if you’re in the area be sure to drop by and do some actual shopping too! Also be sure that if you like our stuff and want to support us to drop a like on our page and drop by and give us a tip. All tips donated to the site will be put to helping us grow bigger and better so that we can bring you a better looking site and more and more reviews!

So the first book we have to look at is called Zorro: Swords of Hell. This is coming at us from a little imprint known as American Mythology Productions. The art in the book is wonderful let me start by saying that. I’m not sure which Zorro cannon we are looking at whether it be book, old movies or newer movies but the artwork makes me think of the newer ones with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones but at the same time is a touch off so it could be the older movies as well. I wish I remembered the names from the older movies so I could see how this comic fits in with continuity when and where. One thing is for sure this makes me think we need more Zorro movies done especially if they are done as well as the ones before it were done. Or a show this comic is just done so well it makes me want more Zorro anyway I can get it.

This comic shows Don Diego De La Vega sparring with his wife…with swords. This is before they show up fashionably late for a dinner party. The guests are having fun and dancing is going on when suddenly what look like Spanish Conquistadors raid the party. The biggest thing about these new comers that are raiding and killing is they seem to all be undead! They get stabbed and nothing happens though later its found that beheading them works nicely. The women try to evacuate but end up being captured and De La Vega escapes to his Zorro lair to be confronted by the town priest who knows who he is. The father says that Zorro is needed now more than ever as he is seen as a symbol of hope and if the undead are attacking you need hope now especially.

So Zorro rides out decapitating the undead as he goes and heads towards the main city just to find that it too is infested with the undead and Don Quintero recognizing Zorro as Don Diego seems to be in charge. Don Quintero then unleashes some sort of Anthro Jaguarman on Zorro and that of course is where they stop on a cliffhanger right before a huge battle!

All in all I loved the comic…such fun and a combo of undead and Zorro is just amazing. The only way it could be any better is if we saw a return of his cousin the Gay Blade in the next issue because the only thing that could be better than Zorro vs Zombies would be a flamboyantly gay Zorro vs Zombies!

What do you think of this little mashup? Are you a fan of Zorro and think this kind of storyline would work or do you like the classic Zorro only? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. First of all, congrats to your brother on his marriage to lovely Sarah! I wouldn’t be shocked if he’d name his future daughter Sarah as well, you guys can then make a joke that the name Sarah definitely runs in the family. Haha! Also, I’ll have to admit that I didn’t know Zorro was based off a comic book. I can only imagine how many shows are adaptations of comic books!

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