ATG Comic Review: World of Krypton

Last week we brought you a few Comic Reviews, but we missed one very important one. We missed a freebie that Vibranium Comics gave to us….not just a freebie for us to do a review on but a freebie for anyone who was lucky enough to get them while they were in store. You see the SyFy Channel has a new show coming out from the DC comic universe all about the world of Krypton where Superman came from but this time it is based during the times of Superman’s grandfather. This free comic is one that is actually a reprint of an old 1987 comic that I think I may have had back in the day as the story starts off very familiarly. However, before we get into that I want all of you to give some love to the one that gave us access to this and so many more comics. Visit the facebook page of Vibranium by clicking the banner at the top of the page and the bottom of the page to visit their website.

So, to jump right in this comic brought lots of interesting philosophical questions. The comic starts with showing a kid about to come of age flirting with a lovely young lady who ends up getting hurt. He rushes her to the hospital where the doctor bots fix her right up. We see another young man seem to go a bit crazy but we don’t see how badly till later. The boy leaves to get ready for his coming of age party and the news talks about growing unrest and violence in a city as protesters riot for rights for clones.

During the young man’s party they find out the young man from earlier is going to be announced as having a fiancee now by his mother. Speculation on who it could be runs rampant as the mother tends to be very protective of her son and is one of those of the mind that no one is good enough for him. The party and speculation is cut short as the young man in question crashes the party and kills his mother and then himself!

The party was being held for someone in the House of El and the father was an important person in society and thus he and his child went to investigate what was going on. Things led to the Clone banks where the people of Krypton kept 3 clones of every person. The thing is none of the clones were ever out of stasis, they were thus mindless husks knowing nothing. Many on the planet believed this was fine and had no problem using these clones as parts for when they were hurt or old and thus giving them a form of immortality. Some new factions however, said the Clones could live and thus should have rights. This brings up a very philosophical conundrum and the Elder El even stated it. If they now gave rights to these clones, they would have to admit as a society that for the past like 10 thousand years they were murderers and maybe even cannibals due to the way they used the clones! It also makes you have to consider when does something like a clone gain a soul or can it? Does one need a working brain and experiences to have a soul and thus a true life, or do those mindless husks have a soul hidden in them and thus are being murdered? In many ways its the same argument that is used in arguments for and against abortion. Is a baby living before it experiences anything? Does it have a soul just because the body works or does it need mental input, memories and the such to become human?

To make matters worse, in this comic they bring up even more tricky questions and to up the ick factor by ten they then discover why the one boy killed his mother. One of the clone banks for the mother was empty. Why does this matter? Because it seems the guy had killed his fiancee as well and when the doctors examined her they found out that she was the clone of the mother!!!!! So indeed the mother didn’t think anyone was good enough for her son so she in a way gave herself to her son. So now we have to wonder is the Clone her? It has experienced life but it is a different life than what she experienced. Does this create a separate person? If so is it separate enough that genetics shouldn’t matter for marriage? Is the genetic identity though too much to make her her own person and thus though she has different memories and such she would still be his mother and thus the ick factor just keeps rising? If it weren’t for the whole inbreeding genetic disaster thing would a clone with a new personality and different memories be ok to have as a partner if it is a clone of someone in your family? Does the new experiences and such make the differences enough….does the clone have a separate soul from the original and if so would that make such a union permissible if you ignore the genetics?

At the end of the comic, there are several pages that talk about the various Houses that you will find in the new Krypton show on Syfy. This show sounds very interesting to me and I might try to find a way to watch it if I can.

Have you seen the show yet? Does it touch upon the cloning like this comic has? Sound off below and let me know what you think of either the show or the comic!

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  1. Lol… I was kinda shocked when I read that the young man’s fiancee was his own mother. It was funny really! A mother that feels she’s the only one good enough for her son! Well, they are all dead and he got no one at the end. Just bad but interesting.

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