ATG Comic Review: The Unexpected

So this week has been another hectic one in the life of a cancer patient. If there is one thing that is a common in just about everything in life, it’s the fact that nothing is ever certain and most things are a hurry up just to wait type of thing. I like to bring you guys a small glimpse into my life with each of our posts so that you can see what someone with Cancer goes through. In this case, last month we went for my 2 and a half year scans to see if Cancer was still gone. They found a blip on my adrenal gland and said it might be cancer but they don’t know. So for a few weeks we had to be nervous and wait for a MRI which we had last week, but it was just yesterday as of this writing that we found out the results. The MRI was supposed to tell us more about whether we are looking at cancer returning or not… but it turns out that all it tells us is that the spot is still there but they don’t know anything more about what it is. So now we may have to biopsy (not easy with where it is) or do a PET Scan. So we hurried to do an MRI then we waited and now  we have to wait again. The biggest problem is this whole time I have no clue what’s going on….has my cancer come back? Is this set to try and kill me again? What do we do this time if it is back? The one thing I do know is that this blog for the comics is one of the things in my life I am not going to let fall behind if I can help it as it brings light into the uncertain darkness and due to this we want to thank Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games in both Ocala and Gainesville Florida for helping us out this week with this blog. Be sure to check out their new lovely Gainesville Store, which is huge and be sure to keep watching online for their new Ocala location to open. The new Location is in the same little strip mall but offers a LOT more space than what they had. So keep track of the Ocala store by clicking the linked banner above for the main Bearded facebook page and the linked banner below for their Gainesville branch page.

Now on to the fun stuff-the comic review!  This week the comic we have in store for you is known as The Unexpected. At first I thought I hadn’t known about this comic so I made a quip about how that was a truly unexpected choice. I know I know horrible joke. Anyway, as I started into the comic I found I had read the first few pages before in another DC comic that was introducing a lot of the new heroes and such that were coming down the line from DC. In this case, it is a character called Firebrand who was a medic who lost her life and then her dad handed her over for medical science and they brought her back to life by putting something called a Conflict Engine in place of her heart. If you ever saw the movie Crank: High Voltage and where Jason Statham had to keep electrocuting himself so that his heart wouldn’t fail…well it’s a lot like that, except instead of needing the adrenalin and electricity to keep going, this Conflict Engine feeds off of fights. So she has to get into one hell of a fight every 24 hours or her heart stops on her.

This comic finds her being attacked by all sorts of nasties who come to a bar specifically to try and take her on until finally someone figures out who she is and goes to her place of work looking for her. This one is known as the Bad Samaritan (Quench) and he is after her heart just like so many others have been. Suddenly 3 people unexpectedly show up to try and save her. One is a viking called Turid there is another that seems to be a human but must be some sort of Meta that they called Neon and an alien called Elligh. The expected super power beat down fight happens with the Unexpected of 2/3rd of Neons team getting killed it seems. Neon himself was cut in half but survives and his blood splashed upon the Conflict Engine made some sort of odd reaction. This created some sort of new Metal some sort of new Nth Metal. This new metal seemed like it was going to explode. They also show that the Bad Samaritan was a mercenary for hire and he was supposed to bring this woman’s heart and the new metal to a buyer who honestly looked kind of like Darkseid but they said was under Thanagar.

All in all, it was a good action packed comic. Not sure what the name is for and so far it seems like half the team from the cover is dead…. so not real sure who all will be in it or where it will go from here. Have any of you read this comic yet? If so, let us know what you thought of it below! Have you been enjoying these new DC characters or do you think they should just stick with the old? Sound off and let your voice be heard- and again, thank you for visiting DraxisWeb and for commenting on our blogs!

3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: The Unexpected

  1. This premise sounds interesting. Is this an ongoing series? If so, it will be fascinating to see how long it can go with the premise. Yes, the idea of staying alive (oh no, I’ll have the Bee Gees in my head all day now) through epic fights is a nice spin on the “Crank” films. Through the years, there have been some excellent comic books with excellent premises, but fan support for anything but the usual suspects (Bats, Supes, etc.) can kill a quality book. I don’t know how much time DC is going to give this book to succeed, but this one looks like it might be worth a shot.

    1. Right now it is part of their “All New Heroes” push with brimstone and the new fantastic four type of thing they are doing with Plastic Man and such. We’ll see how far they take it since it is brand new stuff and not the big 3 that they rely on.

      1. Kevin,

        DC has always relied on the big three and tried new books. I can remember back to the 60’s when they had their A books like Superman and Batman (I think Wonder Woman was being published because its creator would get the rights if the book was cancelled) and B-books like Green Lantern, Flash, etc. Then they would try new things like Hawk & Dove, The Creeper, and others. Same thing in the 70’s. They’d try new books like Secret Society of Super Villains, Omac, Kamandi, Prez, etc. and see if anything stuck. It usually didn’t, but sometimes it did (such as the New Teen Titans in the 80’s and Firestorm).

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