ATG Comic Review: The Immortal Hulk

So welcome back everyone. Sorry for the long time with very little from us, but as you know it’s the Holiday season and things can get very hectic around this time of year. Also, we have been running around doing a lot to try and have a nice fun Holiday so that I can have a good Holiday while fighting Cancer….making good memories with the kiddo just incase. Also with the Cancer back I have to start fighting the depression again which is not easy as it stops me from wanting to do the things I enjoy…but the fight goes on and so I am back with some more comic reviews! Both of the reviews we have for you this week come to you from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. So be sure to give them some love online and a like on facebook by following the links below or check out their website! They are doing a raffle for an awesome Supergirl statue so be sure to check them out for how to get involved in that! Due to changes in the way Word Press is laying things out click on the banner above to access the Vibranium Website and the picture below for their facebook!

So our first comic is the Immortal Hulk the Best Defense #1. Defense is on the top of the comic in a font that is the same as what they used for the Defenders comic back in the day. So I have been interested in reading about the Immortal Hulk, it has sounded pretty interesting so far from the other comics he has been in. I was thinking that the Hulk was getting stale but this new Undying thing where even if you kill banner he comes back even if dismembered is an interesting concept.

So in this one we see Bruce Banner walking into a town that seems deserted. However, he finds the charred body of Doctor Strange in a shed so this makes me wonder if this is some alternate timeline or universe rather than the main 616 world. So this Doctor Strange is missing his Eye of Agamotto. Banner goes in search of it and ends up getting into a fight with a person hiding in his house. He then goes to the bar to see if he can find answers there and meets a guy who is holding the cops hostage by showing them their true selves in the Eye. The terrified cops are doing whatever the guy says and he tells them to beat up Banner.

However Banner fights back and ends up with the eye. Banner uses the Eye to transform himself into the Hulk during the day which seems to be one time Hulk doesn’t like coming out anymore (this used to be the way of things for a while back to where Hulk had the night and Banner the day and it seems like that is back). The guy gets killed and then this ghostly form that might be an old man version of Doctor Strange (not sure) shows up… and it seems next issue he will tell what happened to Doc Strange.

There really wasn’t much to this issue but what there was was a good Hulk story so even though it seemed short when you think about it it did still read well. I quite enjoyed this, which is something I haven’t done with a Hulk story for a while now. Have you guys seen the new Immortal Hulk yet? If so what did you think of this new twist to an old character? Sound off below in the comments and let me know what you think!

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