ATG Comic Review: The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1

Welcome back one and all welcome back! We have some good comics for you this week for our weekly comic reviews both of which are from the powerhouse that is Marvel! But first OH MY GOD did you guys see that new movie Avengers Infinity War!?! It was all kinds of insane so if you haven’t seen it yet GET OUT THERE AND SEE IT! I want to go and give it a review in the next few days I hope, but deng is it good. It also kinda ties in with this new comic I am going to talk about today. This week’s comics come to us from the awesome peeps at Vibranium Comics and Games. These guys always have something going on so be sure to check them out with their facebook linked to the banner above and their website to the banner below! Coming up with Vibranium, on May 4th we have Star Wars day and they are having a sale on all Star Wars Merch, we also have Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 5th! If that’s not enough for you, they are also going to be doing a Hearthstone Fireside and a Trivia Night coming up soon! So show them some love and support!

So our first Comic this week is the new Avengers Book this one is entitled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Now if what I heard is right they are dropping most if not all of the Avengers titles out there so no more Unity Squad, no more Occupy, no more US Avengers, as far as I know. We’ll see if they really do this I mean after all after the X-Men vs Inhumans they were supposed to cut down on the X-titles and yet there are still way too many for me to keep up with so I always take these announcements with a grain of salt. Personally I think one of the big problems in Marvel is over saturation of certain titles but that’s for another blog hopefully soon.

So The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1 is a very well thought out introduction for a new team of Avengers. It starts out with a look at what happened after Marvel Legacy where you see an original Team of Avengers.  This is the team that is comprised of Ghost Rider riding a mammoth, Star Brand, Odin, Phoenix, Agamotto, Black Panther, and Iron Fist. This group had just staved off some sort of threat I’m not sure what kind as I missed that comic (Currently trying to find it.) They find themselves with the Celestials coming and they head off to fight.

Switch to Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Thor Odinson. They are drinking and talking when Steve brings up the fact that they should start the Avengers again. He thinks the Avengers need the core group of the three of them once more. Tony seems against the idea but Thor seems to like it when…..

Black Panther and Doctor Strange are investigating some old tunnels far below the Earth. They see cave drawings that depict the Legacy Avengers and they come across something that had been bespelled by Agamotto. Due to the failure of magic earlier in the comics this spell had shredded and never reinstated when magic came back because it was such an old spell. They keep going down into the earth where they should be crushed and Doctor Strange mentions this and then asks how BP isn’t being crushed since he doesn’t have magical protection to which they make fun of the Batman fanboys by having Doctor Strange say “oh wait that’s right, because you’re the Black Panther” or something to that effect. I had to admit I loved that since it is what every fanboy says about batman when he does impossible stuff. Anyway they come to a giant room that looks like something out of an Aliens movie when…

She Hulk no longer green and tall is jogging down the street. She is being catcalled by someone who just will not leave her alone. She keeps whispering to herself to not hulk out to not hulk out and to keep calm. He touches her and she just turns her face to look at him and it’s all green and hulky. I have definitely missed something here since last time I saw She Hulk she was still a gorgeous jolly green giant of a woman and now she seems to be more taking after Bruce Banner. Then….

We see the newest Ghost Rider of them all Robbie Reyes pondering at his Car. Seems he’s not happy with the Ghost Rider thing or something as he’s telling his brother to stay away from the car. Later he gets attacked by…when…

Up in Space we see the Alpha Flight station which is finding a whole ton of wormholes opening up…Captain Marvel is heading out to see what’s going on and to start attacking them if needed. There are hundreds of these portals and then something does start to come through….when down below….

The huge things coming through fall to earth and Captain Marvel is trying to stop as many of them as she can from hitting populated areas but she can’t be everywhere at once. Ghost Rider is Attacked by the things Doctor Strange and Black Panther came across, Stark tech satellites tell the original trio about the space threats and they gear up to head out and try to help.

What’s Falling from the sky? What’s attacking Ghost Rider and the others? And what does the original trio of heros see that has them filled with fear? Well, I’m not telling you and if that doesn’t whet your appetite for this comic I don’t know what will. So true believers get out there and buy this new resurrection of the Avengers and see what their HUGE adventures are starting with. I promise it will be hard for them to top this story I think!

Have you picked this up yet? If so let us know what you thought below! We love hearing from our readers! Soon to come some list articles of the Beauties of the Avengers and Beauties of the Justice League as well as Quality/Quantity Marvels Current Problem! Keep your eye on us for more!


2 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1

  1. I was always an Avengers fan, even when the team had goofy lineups like the one with Dr. Druid (arguably the team’s low point). However, after Avengers Disassembled I wrote the team off as I couldn’t get past the idea of Spider-Man and Wolverine on the team. I didn’t know Marvel had so many Avengers books. Recently I subscribed to “Marvel Unlimited” so I may check out some of the books mentioned, especially the team with Odin. The concept sounds wacky but fun.

    1. I actually liked the Team that had Spidey and Wolverine on it. I mean Wolverine had some precedent in that other X-Men had been on the avengers before him (ie Beast during the Dark Phoenix Saga) and it opened up the way I think for the more mixed teams like Steve Rodgers Unity Squad that had Rogue on it and Spidey I mean he always wanted to be part of the Avengers or some other team even though he was mainly a loner so it made sense to me for him to finally be there.

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