ATG Comic Review: The Amazing Mary Jane #1

Welcome back to our comic review! By the time this is posted it is either the night before or the day of Halloween. This is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! I have always loved everything to do with Halloween, especially the dressing up and I hope to instill that love in my son as well, who at the moment is obsessed for the past few years with being a Pirate. This year he actually said yes to a Spider-Man and a Captain America costume so we got him both. He went to Sea World as Spidey but with his autism and sensory processing problems, he refuses to wear the mask which I understand perfectly. So, there is a lot going on, but I still want to bring you a cool little review. 

This week’s review actually ties in nicely with my son’s costume to Sea World as we are reviewing the Amazing Mary Jane which has been provided to us by the wonderful people at Vibranium Comics and Games here in Ocala Florida. Be sure to drop by their store to check them out or click the banner below to go to their facebook page and say hi!

Real quick before we jump right into things I also wanted to mention something. We have started a Patreon Page and are thinking of some cool things to do for you guys as bonuses for supporting us. One of the things we are thinking of is a weekly top 10 geek news from the previous week. I was also thinking as a bonus for our Patreons maybe doing some of these comic reviews as a video and releasing them to our Patreons a few days earlier than to the general public. Some of these reviews will NOT be typed up on our site and will only be available on our YouTube channel. Do these things sound like something you’d be interested in? Sound off in the comments below to let me know. And now let’s jump into our review!

So as I said this week, we are reviewing the first book in the comic known as The Amazing Mary Jane. As the title suggests this comic is based around Spider-Man’s current(?) girlfriend and ex-wife Mary Jane Watson. I have to admit I haven’t been keeping up with Spidey recently, so I am not sure when they got back together but they do mention being together in this comic. Anyway, Peter is just a secondary character in this comic and honestly when I first heard of this comic and read the short little blurb about it I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea. I have to say though I was pleasantly shocked by what was given to us in the first issue.

You see in this comic, they follow Mary Jane as she stars in a new movie that is being made about Mysterio by a famous director. The only problem starting out is her part kinda sucks character-wise and the dialogue left much to be desired. MJ decides to take some things into her own hands and seeks out the Director who actually runs from her. She gives chase and threatens to quit if he doesn’t fix things or even tells her whats going on. Rather than let her quit the director reveals he is actually Mysterio and he sent the real director on a vacation to the Falkland Islands I believe it was to look into doing a movie about penguins.

An interesting thing about this movie is for the sake of realism Mysterio has hired real super-villains to play themselves in the movie and is paying them actual movie salaries and has hired some on as set-hands and such too. Mysterio seems very set on making this movie and the way he talks it makes me wonder if he is sick and dying or something as he says a few times something like “this is the culmination of my life’s work, the most important thing I’ll ever make–and the last.” When explaining to MJ why he wanted her specifically cast he said, “This is my final and grandest attempt to do right by her…” I can’t help but wonder who exactly this is that he has MJ playing in the movie. It seems if the story he is telling is true to be some sort of ex-love that he wronged and lost in some way but I don’t know his backstory enough to know if he ever had a super-villain girlfriend before that he may have lost and to be quite honest I have been super unhappy with comic vine and their lack of good editing of their articles lately to feel like looking it up. He also explains away why he has a lot of villains on his crew and cast by saying he “I wanted to give them a chance to create something meaningful.”

So all in all between seeing if what Mysterio is saying is true and watching MJ try to navigate the troubles of a villain filled movie set I think this comic can be quite fun going forward. Though I may be biased on this since I was a Film and TV Production major in college and did a lot of behind the scenes work during my time in school. I also loved the artwork in this comic and am very glad to see Peter and MJ back together.

What do you guys think about the concept of this comic? Would you pick it up after what I’ve described? If you’ve read it already did you enjoy it? Sound off in the comments below if you want to let us know!

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