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Today as I write up my comic reviews for the week, my heart goes out to the child that was hurt at Forrest High School today in Ocala Florida. I hope you have a speedy recovery and didn’t take too much damage from that bullet to the ankle! The violence in the schools has come closer to my home than I ever thought it would as today a young man was shot at a school not even 16 minutes from my house. So keep your thoughts and prayers for safety for all the kids in their schools and hopefully our country will find a way for this sort of thing to stop happening. Now, onto the fun stuff- the comics review. Our thanks to Vibranium Comics for the comics to review this week. Remember to check out Vibranium for all your comic needs as well as a great place to game. As always, their banner above is a link to their facebook page and the banner below is a link to their website! Remember Free Comic Book Day is coming up on the first Saturday of May and on May 1st is Vibraniums 1 year Anniversary Celebration!

For our second comic this week, we have a small in size comic called Stellar. I forget what the special name was Austin said it was called but it’s literally a few inches smaller in both height and width that a standard comic book, but its not lacking in the action! Stellar is from action comics and one thing that hit me right away as being pretty cool was that it was in Black and White. My only complaint with that is that one character was beat up so they put his quieter speaking in a grey text rather than bold black and it made it a little hard to read. I have to admit though that I did not miss the color and in some ways I think the Black and White made the amazing artwork even better to look at as there wasn’t anything glaring out to distract you from the rest of it.

Stellar was a fun little outer space adventure that in some ways reminded me of the old Conan comics. The art style was similar I thought especially with the Black and White. Stellar herself is a lovely young lady in the typical skin tight space outfit and she seems to be a bounty hunter who is dragging her bounty off to turn him in. The bounty was an alien who can’t be turned in because of a war dividing up the state that had issued the bounty. So she takes the alien off to become basically a slave taking care of an orphanage. It seems she takes care of the orphanage because a battle she had with some others that looked like her may have destroyed the temple they had worked out of. This was just a lead up story so it will be interesting to see if that’s indeed why she is working with them in a sort of penance for the battle that destroyed the place.

All in all I thought it was a fun little comic. I would have liked to see a lot more in it though because I loved the artwork but I am sure there will be more coming, so I’ll probably check that out later on down the road. Let us know below if you checked out this comic and what you thought of it!

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