ATG Comic Review: Star Wars Beckett

Welcome back to the All Things Geek Comic Book Review! Woooooo does it seem like it’s been a while since we have done one of these. I truly am sorry it’s been so long, but so many things have been happening with my health, and my family’s health, and then my kiddo heading back to school that I wasn’t even near a comic store for a few weeks there! Anyway, we are back and Vibranium has been nice enough to supply us with a few comics to work on this week. So be sure to check them out online at the banner at the bottom, and be sure to check out their facebook page from the top banner. Also, if you enjoy these reviews and everything else we bring to you then drop us a tip in the form of a cup of coffee at Ko-fi. Every cent we get brings us one step closer to buying some new software for programming our site that will make it look better and run smoother. So to help us out, just go to and leave us a tip.

Our first comic out of the gates this week is a cool little Star Wars one that, honestly, I am surprised has seen the light of day. This book is all about Woody Harrelson’s character from Solo a Star Wars Story whose name was Beckett. Now Solo kinda flopped, so it surprises me they are making comics about the movie… but who knows maybe there was more demand for it than I thought. Anyway, this is sorta a prequel to the prequel that was he movie and shows a fun little caper by the team Beckett leads (and loses) during the Solo movie. The comic shows how they pull off a pretty daring caper, only to see it foiled once again by the infamous Enfys Nest (who if you haven’t seen Solo yet….. SPOILER ALERT……. is an absolutely gorgeous young lady I highly suggest finding more roles for her where she isn’t wearing a mask). I think my favorite part of this comic is the beginning where they play on the superstitions of a world and basically a Sith coming to kill someone routine that clears out a gambling hall/tavern and lets them take everything that was left behind.

This was a larger comic than most and while it gave an issue number of 1 I am wondering if this may have been just a 1 shot comic for Beckett. Personally, I would love to see more of his band of misfits and how they got involved with the crime organization they were with and how they fell on such hard times. I would love to see their first meeting with Enfys as well. Hopefully, we will see more of this comic but, if not, then I certainly suggest getting this one if you liked Solo at all. It’s just a fun supersized comic!

So sound off below with what you thought of Solo and if you would like to see more comics based around the movie and that time period for Star Wars!

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  1. I didn’t even know Woody Harrelson was in SOLO. I enjoy his work so who knows, I might just watch the film some time. I wonder if this book was planned before SOLO flopped? If so, it would make sense it’s on the market. Why would Marvel pay for it and sit on it? I think I’ll watch SOLO first before I check this out. I like some of the STAR WARS comics, but rarely buy any books based on secondary characters.

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