ATG Comic Review: Soldier Supreme

So here we are and once again we have an interesting little thing coming to you from Vibranium Comics. I think these guys are just trying to keep me on my toes! I mean Archie DC Crossovers, Hannah Barberra CD Mashups, Looney Tunes DC Mashups, and now Marvel’s own mashups in the Infinity Warps. Somehow I see a pattern forming here…hmmmmmm. Anyway, we have a ton of great things going on soon from Vibranium so you really have to check out their facebook events page! Just follow the links below to check their facebook or their website and remember if you like what you see here drop us a donation at

So what we see is a new comic from Marvel called  Soldier Supreme. This is part of their new Infinity Warps line that goes with the current Infinity Wars comics. If you read the inside flap (I know who ever does that?) it tells how Gammora has gathered the Infinity Stones for herself. She then went and used them to fold the Universe in half (what is it with this family and halving things?) this has taken known properties in Marvel and mashed them together. I this Case Stephen Strange and Steve Rogers have mashed together to make Stephen Rogers. Just like in Captain America a skinny kid wanting to work for America against the Nazi’s Stephen goes into get experimented on but this time the Super Soldier Serum is infused with dark magic. He becomes known as the Soldier Supreme and goes out to fight Hitler. At Stephens side is his best friend Bucky Wong and he commands DumDum Fury and the Howling Commandos of Hoggoth! At one point Bucky gets killed and so Stephen resurrects him as a ghost that gets known as the Winter Soldier for the cold that comes with his ethereal form.

At the end, you see that Hitler has been killed and they are fighting Dormammu Red. This is where Cap and Bucky get encased in Ice in the real world but in this one, they get banished to the Shadow Plane. It sounds like where they have always said was inside of Cloak’s trademark cloak in the Cloak and Dagger stories.

I quite enjoyed this mashup and can’t wait to see where the other ones take us in the series. I also can’t wait for issue 2 of this to see how they are rescued from the dark dimension and what happens next. What do you guys think about all the mashups we are seeing these days? Do Mashups add a bit of spice to life or are they just reaching for something that’s not really there? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts on this and other mashups in comics in general!

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