ATG Comic Review: Robocop Citizens Arrest

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a great beginning of May with all the fun that was to come from it! I am sorry for the lateness of these comic reviews this week, but it has been time for my bi-yearly cancer scans. I have to admit I would have been writing this sooner but I am scared as can be right now as they found a nodule of some sort on my right Adrenal Gland which we had thought they had taken out. So needless to say, things right now are a bit tense until Monday when we hear final results from my Oncologist and decide where to go from there. While I was in Gainesville though, I was able to go to the Gainesville location of Bearded Browncoats. I want to let you guys know it is a beautiful store, nice and spread out and roomy. It is clean and beautiful and honestly a store I would love to frequent if it was closer by. So, if you’re in the Gainesville area be sure to stop by and check them out. You won’t be disappointed! Also stop by their facebook page by clicking the banner at the top of this page!

This week from Bearded Browncoat we got a copy of a comic that came out a week or so ago. It’s the new Robocop Citizens Arrest series from Boom! Studios. This new Robocop takes place years after the movie of Robocop does. OCP has fallen into disgrace but was then resurrected from the ashes by some rich guy. They put robocop out to retirement and changed his programming so he could no longer pick up his gun. The New OCP has created a new robocop program called R/Cop. This R/Cop is programmed into a cell phone app that treats calling in crimes like a game by offering monetary jackpots for calls that bring criminals to justice, but it also costs money from your account to turn someone in. This sounds extremely scary to me personally as it sounds very much like an episode of the Orville which is currently starting to play out in real life in China. This is an interesting comic to read just to see how they are handling society in that day and in this age after the original almost dystopia that you saw in the original Robocop.

This comic has some interesting action sequences and some interesting philosophical things to think about especially the social game they have created from turning people in almost willy nilly in the hopes that you stumble on an actual criminal. Have you read this comic yet? If so, let us know what you thought of it and some of the messages you found in the story below! We’d love to hear from you!  

2 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Robocop Citizens Arrest

  1. You are an absolutely strong person, and I appreciate the valuable contributions shared despite the challenge to your health.

  2. Stay strong Kevin. Sending lots of love to you.

    If there is any movie that has endured the time, RoboCop is one. As a longtime RoboCop fan, I’m so in love with what Boom! Studios produced. When you take a look at Citizens Arrest, the artwork and writings are great. I also like the current social angle of responsibility it seeks to explore. Overall, it’s an excellent comic.

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