ATG Comic Review: Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons

Welcome back everyone; how are you doing this fine day! For once lately, we have had a slow easy week, which turned out to be good since I spent all week laid up sick with stomach problems and a small head cold. Doesn’t that figure? So as you may have noticed, we have a few new things going on on the site. We are still taking tips at and all the tips from there will be going to help a 4 month old in Philly who has a tumor on the brain! We also have been approached by the awesome author Gennita Low about our search for funds for a wheelchair and she has graciously offered to match donations up to the first $1000 out of her own savings! If we can get the wheelchair, I can get out and do some things other than just write these reviews! That’s right, there is a real world out there and I want to be a part of it for my family and especially for my son! So, the great news is that as of this writing we have raised almost $500 in donations so almost $1000 once you factor in Gennita’s matching donation. We have a plan to sell our old car that hasn’t moved in like a year for scrap and an electric wheelchair that just doesn’t fit our needs (batteries were bad when it was sold to us and it doesn’t fit in the car unless we take out our child which kinda defeats the purpose). So if any of you would like to help out simply send your donation to paypal address and that will go directly to trying to get the wheelchair. Thank you for donating and sharing our call for help- means the world to me and my family.  So now, let’s get back to the reviews!

Our first comic this week comes to us from the bearded gentlemen at Bearded Browncoat. Bearded is in both Gainesville and Ocala and is always chock full of gaming events including late friday night Magic games in the Ocala store. The best way to get in touch with them will be to click the location buttons under the banner up top. I know this is a new setup but it’s an idea I’ve been playing with and this week we’re going to try it!

So this first comic we are going to talk about is Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons. Two things I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! So the comic opens with Morty hearing people talking about D&D and he is thinking it sounds good…interesting….fun and exciting even though honestly the artwork made me think he may have thought the people insane as he looked kind of confused even if that’s not how he reacted. The thing that made me laugh the most probably in the whole comic was he then heard that someone only played so they could get laid! Bwahahahahaha someone getting laid because they played D&D…thats a good one! I don’t know how it is now a days, but I know back in the mid 90’s when I played, it was a group of guys in a basement over the weekend without any girls around. The one time our girlfriends did join us, we all left disgruntled as they killed our characters with poorly timed fireballs among other things. Anyway, it goes on with Morty needing to learn how to play D&D and thinking that Rick would be totally against it and make fun of him.

Interestingly enough, the scientist is like the nerd and loves D&D (who woulda guessed right?) So Rick sets up a D&D game first edition with a bunch of his old (age wise) friends. Morty dies…horribly…. many, many times. Rick says that he made it through his initiation basically and then says that he will introduce him to 2.0 version of D&D (2.5 is where I started!) Morty kinda rebels because he needs to know things NOW and so Rick takes him to the Arcade that was seen in the episode where they played Life the game! In fact, Rick goes to that same game and dumps in all knowledge of D&D so they can live the characters. Rick of course picks a Mage and Morty decides to be a Paladin. Of course, this is where all the trouble begins and leads to the actions that will lead to the second book in this entertaining comic.

Personally, I loved this little mashup. But then again there are two things here I loved anyway. ANd add into that the fact that there are so many things from geek culture in Rick and Morty anyway, and it’s only natural in my mind that they should meet here.

What do you guys think of either Rick and Morty or Dungeons and Dragons? Both seem to be Love or Hate types of things so where do you fall on the spectrum? Do you think they would go well together? Sound off below and let us know what your thoughts are!

3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons

  1. Love the collab! I’ll have to get my hands on a copy on that to appreciate everything even more. I’ve been following Rick and Morty on Netflix on my down time and I just love them. What a fun job you have getting to review all these comics, Kev. Do you ever get to the point that it feels like a chore or you just simply love the work?

    1. I simply love the work. To me this is literally a dream come true to do as one day I got an idea and made a post about it on facebook. Within the week I had approached my two main comic stores in town and just broached the subject with them and they both liked the idea. I have always liked doing the writing and reviews and to get free comics in exchange for a review and links and such (normally a $25 per job) its a good little deal for me. The only tie it gets to be a pain is when my Chronic Fatigue kicks in and makes me try and fall asleep while I am typing something which is why a lot of these end up being out later and such.

      1. I love it when I hear of stories of people living the dream! I can see you’re very passionate at what you do Kev that’s why I love reading your posts. Also the fact that I enjoy learning more about the comic world and getting my geeky side out as well. Don’t forget to take breaks as that fatigue might be a bother from time to time!

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