Hello again, here we are with our second comic review of the week. I am hoping we can keep the reviews coming for the next few weeks until the new year. I know we have a couple more mobile game reviews coming soon as well as a couple of toy reviews (especially a few right after Christmas when kiddo gets new toys!) Anyway, be sure to wish me luck as on the 17th and 18th we have a round of doctors visits again. We get to see how well the new CPAP machine is working for me (so far it seems to be working wonderfully) and we get to see how my blood work is doing (hopefully good) and we’ll be seeing how my oncologist thinks I am doing on my chemo meds (so far no bad side effects, of course I am on a half dose from what we did last time). Then on the 20th, we head down to Orlando to see VoicePlay and then ICE.  VoicePlay is my new fave A Capella group! Be sure to check out their vids on YouTube if you’d like a good A Capella music group to listen too! So this week’s second review also comes from Vibranium Comics in Ocala so as usual, be sure to check out their events by clicking the link below.

What we have here for you this time is a comic called Qui-Gon which as you may surmise from the title is a Star Wars title about the infamous Qui-Gon Jinn who was run through by Darth Maul during Star Wars Episode 1. That means, of course, this is a prequel to the prequel for what seems to be a lot of people’s favorite Jedi Master from the prequels.

This comic starts out with a good bit of action as Qui-Gon is in gaming terms doing an escort mission for a planet’s alien dignitary trying to keep her safe from a rival group on her planet. It seems that she is kinda like the Lorax from Dr. Seuss in that she speaks for the Trees and is against the Metal Clans plan to chop them down. However the Metal Clan seems to need her permission or to kill her to be able legally to chop the Trees down (yup that’s one hell of a dynamic there…tell us ‘yes’ or we’ll kill you and do it anyway!) Qui-Gon realizing that this could be an important sticking point takes her to Coruscant where she will be safe. Of course, she’s not happy because A) she thinks the Jedi are cowards now when she thought they were great warriors and B) She is now on a planet made of metal and machines the very thing she has been fighting about.

Qui-Gon is worried about her view of the Jedi being nothing more than warriors that go out places and fight for the Republic’s views as he knows they are supposed to be peaceful with fighting being a last resort and then only against Evil, not at the whims of some government. He speaks with Yoda and decides to let the force guide him on basically a spirit journey. Letting the force guide his movements he programs his snub fighter randomly and ends up at a beautiful planet. However, in this planet, he senses darkness as well and we see how there is corruption there. He mediates on this seeking the corruption and they give a good two or three pages of silent action. When he is done with the dream action Qui-Gon awakens and sees that even here in the corruption light can still reach to create a balance as flowers are blooming even in the darkness. Qui-Gon takes this lesson home to Coruscant and talks to the Speaker of Trees once more.

All in all, this was a good book. The art was very nice, the story was good and full and didn’t feel lacking at all. I am interested to see what all will happen in this series. What do you think? Did you like Qui-Gon enough to get this series or do you think the prequels were so horrible you just don’t want to look at it? Sound off below and let us know.

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