ATG Comic Review: Pathfinder Spiral of Bones #1

Welcome back everyone! We have another comic to review from Vibranium Comics this week. Vibranium has been a great supporter of ours ever since it’s grand reopening under new management.. which has got to be closing in on a year now! Whenever someone is good to us and our causes we like to be good to them as well so be sure to go to facebook or their website and give them some love. We wouldn’t be able to be doing this if it wasn’t for them and their support of us! As always, the linked banner above is pointed to the facebook page and the linked banner at the bottom is to their website. So thank you again to Vibranium for supporting our All Things Geek Comic Reviews and for supporting our Draxisweb/Cancel Cancer team in the Ocala Relay for Life. You guys have a friend for all time with us!

The book we had this past week was the first issue of Pathfinder Spiral of Bones. I’m honestly not in the know on most things pathfinder except for the fact that it is like Dungeons and Dragons. I never got to play it in the past but that’s because I was a D&D kind of guy and was well ensconced with hundreds of dollars of AD&D books and such by the time I found out about Pathfinder and I didn’t want to get that far into something else. Now that it is many many years later I think I may want to try it sometime because I don’t have any AD&D players here and AD&D has moved so far away from where I had played it that no one else down here would most likely recognize the rules I went by. So anyways on to the comic review!

This was a cool little comic following the adventures of one of the groups of the pathfinders guild. It looked like your typical AD&D session and since Pathfinder is a version of that tabletop game it’s no wonder the comics would read like a session of it. A cool little insert in this comic was a piece of map for your adventures that on the flip side is a lovely fantasy art print. Also in the comic was a small few page comic for Starfinder a cool space version of Pathfinder just like how D&D had Spelljammer as a space version. Add all of this together and I think this is a great little comic well worth its price and then some. There’s a decent story, plenty of action and a great captivating art style that I really enjoyed. I think Dynamite hit it out of the park with this comic as I am curious to see what happens in both the Pathfinder and Starfinder parts!

2 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Pathfinder Spiral of Bones #1

  1. Ahhhh. I played pathfinder until I grew tired of it. It was awesome and had lots of adventures to enjoy. Maybe that is why I jumped at the book Pathfinder Spiral of bones when I heard about it. The comic is also interesting and I’m enjoying it like I did the game.

  2. My brother played Pathfinder for quite a few years and I was somewhat getting into it but I had already been fully in-golfed in WoW to have ever given it a fair chance. I may do so now. I was actually debating on picking this one up and after reading your review, I think I shall! 😀

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