ATG Comic Review: Medieval Spawn and Witchblade

So, for the last comic this week, we go back to our good friends at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala, Florida. You’ve heard me praise Vibranium again and again for how good they are and the thing is it’s not just idle talk because of them helping us with this feature on our site. We enjoy heading down there every week and seeing and talking to our friends who work there or go there to play games. These guys are great when it comes to customer service and have fun little events all the time. Be sure to check out their facebook page with the linked banner above and their webshop with the banner below but honestly, I say go in and join them in person! They truly are a wonderful group of people!

So this review is for the first issue of Medieval Spawn and Witchblade.I quite enjoyed this comic it had an interesting little backstory that played out within its pages to introduce this time periods and places Spawn character. If the backstory is right he was a king that had disappeared his country was now engulfed by a curse. During a battle with undead monsters, a brave young boy gets killed in defense of his home as the Spawn of that day and age returns. Some immediately believe that he is the king that had been lost to them.

We also see a dark witch type character that I am assuming is the Witchblade character from back then as well as a couple of Elven or Fae type characters from another realm. There’s not much to really say about this comic as it wasn’t this hugley deep thing but it was enjoyable to see this side of a new Spawn and see this new/old Spawn outfit. Basically, if you are a fan of Spawn in any of its various timelines and incarnations, then you should enjoy this one as well. I would certainly pick it up and I am going to continue with it mainly because I am a fan of both Spawn and Witchblade….in fact in my eyes, the only way they could make such a crossover better is if they threw in the Darkness as well!

Do you guys have this comic yet? If so sound off below what you think about this! Or let us know are you excited that we should see a Spawn reboot film coming out soon? Make your voices heard and share your thoughts with us!

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  1. I was always a big fan of Witchblade. I enjoyed the art and the concept was very cool. It was one of those 90’s comics that remains etched in my memory for it being fun, sexy, and entertaining. I never got into Spawn but the idea of a medieval Spawn along with Witchblade sounds worth checking out. On a related note, I’m glad you have a great comic book shop. People don’t appreciate a great comic book shop and they seem to be a dying breed.

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