ATG Comic Review: Joker and Daffy Duck

Welcome back everyone, I hope you’re enjoying our new look for the reviews and the new little signature graphics that will be popping up with the various blogs as they come along. So with this new blog, we will be seeing another interesting crossover comic coming out of DC and as usual it is Vibranium that’s bringing us the odd little crossover. So if you thought Aquaman and Jabberjaw was an interesting pairing, well you ain’t seen nothing yet!

So, as I said this, one is coming from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. As always, we are linking to their facebook and their website but we have the new Blue and Green buttons labeled which is which this time instead of picking from two different banners. If you enjoy this let us know below. Be sure to check out the two links for Vibranium and give them some lovin, check out their events on facebook and see what’s coming up for sales and such and maybe I’ll see you guys there one day! Also please remember all this month anything we make through the site Ko-fi will be donated to help a child in Philly with brain cancer get the treatments he needs. So, if you want to donate to us through there simply go to and tip us a coffee!

So this time, Vibranium has hooked us up with another mashup of characters brought to you by DC and Looney Tunes this time. This time we see the insanity of the Joker meet up with the lunacy of Daffy Duck. This was a great comic for the laughs between Joker and his usual thing and then Daffy first working for Joker and then working against Joker I was laughing quite a bit. My only true problem with this comic is the way they drew Daffy. He looked almost like a real duck instead of his normal cartoon self, a real duck wearing clothes! It just looked horrible to me, very jarring. They did have a second little story in the book where Daffy was Joker’s psychiatrist which had an interesting ending where he did look right. However, though he looked right, they stopped writing his lisp which they did write into the wording of the main story.  So it was getting one thing in trade for another.

Due to how fun this one was, I asked Vibranium to put aside the others in the series for me. There was also a Lex Luthor and Porky Pig, Harley Quinn and Gossamer, and finally Catwoman with Tweety and Sylvester. Have you guys gotten any of these? Have you liked them or do the mashups just seem too odd for you? Sound off below and tell us what you think!

1 thought on “ATG Comic Review: Joker and Daffy Duck

  1. I’ve always been a big Daffy Duck fan so this one caught my attention. At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, this comic looks like one that could either be really fun or really bad. Not a big fan of when they play with an iconic character like Daffy Duck’s appearance. Some of these mash-ups sound stupid but this one and the Aquaman/Jabberjaw comic sound like fun. I’d love to see Warner do a cartoon short featuring the Joker and Daffy (especially if Mark Hamill did the Joker’s voice).

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