ATG Comic Review: Jirni #1

Welcome back to our Comic Blog. We’re a little late this week due to some time I needed off after hearing of the loss of a friend. I would like to take a moment and say that we hope you check out our sister site Cancel Cancer. I am tired of seeing my friends and loved ones killed by this disease and need all the help I can get to keep fighting it. Now let’s get back to the blogs however, as I know you didn’t come here to hear about my sad tales of woe! This week we have a new comic come in from our friend at Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games and it’s called Jirni and is published by a smaller imprint called Aspen Comics. Remember to check out Bearded Browncoats newest location in Gainesville Florida and their old location in Ocala Florida. They both have an excellent supply of gaming needs! Be sure to check out their facebook page from the linked banner above.

Jirni is an interesting book that deals with the Djinn among other things. Jirni seems to be a half Djinn that is intent on finding and freeing her fellow Djinn. The place the Djinn are from is a heavenly type place of total freedom, however those that are evil or corrupt in some way are confined and sent to Earth. They are bound to vessels and made to serve whoever owns their vessels thus our myths of Genies. Jirni is looking to find rumors of those trapped and then find them and free them. She does indeed find something in this comic, though it is not one of the Djinn. Evil cliff hanger makes us wait for the next installment to discover who this is.

This book has some great artwork and the blue skinned Jirni is very lovely. Couple all this with some good action scenes and it all equals a very fun comic-short but good.. My only wish is that it had a few more pages to it because it is such an interesting story and approach to the idea of the Djinn- but hey that’s what a second issue is for right? So what do you guys think? Does the idea of a half Djinn looking to free her people from bondage sound good to you? I’m personally wondering how they will thank her for her work if they are truly evil as the legends tell!

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  1. Well I’m still waiting for the next installment too so I can’t tell if the freed evil djinns would thank her for setting them free. But I foresee a rebellion. Maybe the evil djinns ganging up with her against the one that bound them or something. Just a thought though lol. And I like the female character, she’s fierce, strong not to mention pretty.

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