ATG Comic Review: Invincible Ironman #600

So welcome back everyone to the next installment of the All Things Geek Comic Review, and boy do we have a doozy for you this week! I do want to take a brief stop here though and put in a personal shout out congrats to the Pre-School class of Wyomina Elementary here in Ocala! Congrats on a last day of Preschool, especially to my son Kayden and his friends. You guys are growing up so fast and we are all very proud of you guys! Welcome to your Kindergarten through 5th Grade years! Now that my Daddy bragging is done, onto the review which this week comes to you from our good friends at Vibranium Comics and Games! This great store is in Ocala, Florida but be sure to check them out on facebook by clicking the linked banner above and check them out on their website by going to the linked banner below.

So this week we get the 600th issue of the Invincible Ironman to talk about. The first thing I have to say is this comic NEEDS to be read to be adequately enjoyed and or understood. This thing is huge and has a LOT going on. From Stark being alive and reviving Rhodes from his dearth to Shield being formed by Leonardo Da Vinci to Doom looking like he’s getting all scarred up in battle again the comic is filled with action and fun quips and a TON of exposition. One thing we always talk about at the cons we go to with our Author Panels is that when writing books you usually want to stay away from Info Dumps…well let me tell you this book gives you info dump, after info dump, after info dump. Tony’s AI he made for Ironheart just dumps a ton of info on you right from the start, then Leonardo Da Vinci dumps a ton of info on you, then Tony’s biological parents drop a ton of info on you, then…well I guess you get the point by now.

I left this book in some ways feeling overwhelmed by just how much I had missed in the past years by not reading Ironman, but at the same time feeling like I have been caught up to speed even though I know I’m not. I blame the info dumps…sometimes they can help though normally it is best to stay away from them. For doing a lot of things wrong by the standards of writing and comic storytelling in general, this very long comic also does a lot right and the two things meld into a perfect little comic that is highly enjoyable no matter where in your knowledge of Tony Stark you may be. It also has an interesting little twist with some future stuff where someone is looking for the sorcerer supreme and instead of finding the female doctor strange they are looking for from the 2099 timeline they end up finding the Anthony Stark- which was something we saw within the pages of Legacy when Ironheart went to the future.

All I can really say on this one is very expertly done even with the flaws, and you have to read it to even be able to start to come to terms with everything going on in it. There is just way too much packed into this one to adequately go over in the short span of one of these blogs. So get it, read it, and comment on it- we want to know what you think of Invincible Ironman 600!

4 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Invincible Ironman #600

  1. I’ve just started getting into the comic book story of the Avengers — I have a particular fondness for Iron Man so I am curious into his story, background and how differently or similarly he is portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I know comics can tell so much more compared to a movie. How about you Kevin? Do you particularly prefer the comics over the movies? Or do you feel like one should not choose over the other as each one has their own way of portraying the character?

    1. I think it is a disservice to yourself as well as the medium to try to look at the two and compare them. In my mind the marvel universe in film has been expertly handled. However so may things divert from the comics that in many ways it could be considered another part of the comics multiverse. Almost how the main comic verse is 616 and say the movie could be like Earth 814 or some other number. With the Exiles and such in comics they have explored many such other universes and this can easily explain why the movies are similar but different to the comics and also why you get reboots for things like a daredevil movie and a tv show. I do like how all tv/film now is based in the same universe but I certainly look at it as something entirely on it’s own compared to the comics.

      1. Kev, you’ve explained your point so well it amazes me how good you are with words and how you’re able to put your thoughts out in a way that’s easily understood. I understand better how we can appreciate both the mediums as they are. Thank you for taking the time to answer and share your thoughts with me, I appreciate it. It’s great though that they were able to make the films very well.

  2. I like the occasional infodump when it’s done well. Iron Man is one of those characters who has gone through so much, various girlfriends, multiple health ailments, a million different armors, and contentious relationships with friends. I’ve always been a big Iron Man fan, but the comic hasn’t always lived up to the character’s potential. This one sounds like it’s really setting the stage for some big things and I’m excited to check it out.

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