ATG Comic Review: Elric the White Wolf

So here we are back again. This weekend is going to be crazy busy for me, so I am trying to get these blogs out as fast as I can this week. From shopping for new dress clothes for my younger brothers wedding to going to the 22nd anniversary of the awesome WXW Wrestling on Saturday night I have a feeling that I will be spent by the time monday rolls around….however there is no rest for the wicked as I want to bring you the awesome pics and a blog from the show as well like I used to! Just a reminder through this month we are collecting money for two things The first thing is for donations to send to help a 4 month old boy in Philly for his treatment for brain cancer, and the second thing is for a Electric Wheelchair for myself. If you would like to help out the young man in question simply just us a tip or two at and all that will go right to him. If you want to help with the wheelchair then send a paypal donation to and Romance Author Gennita Low will be matching the first $1000 dollars that is donated!

The second comic we have going on this week is from Vibranium Comics and Games, truly one of my favorite shops to stop at because of how nice they are to everyone. You truly feel like you have friends there and not that you’re just another customer. Vibranium has some good events coming up like a magic tournament and soon I hear they will be having something else for Force of Will so you’ll have to check out their facebook page to see when they hits! So be sure to click the buttons below this paragraph to be taken right to their facebook page or webpage!

So the comic in question today is one called Elric the White Wolf by Michael Moorcock and published by the smaller publisher Titan Comics. Elric the White Wolf is about an Albino king of a mythical land who basically sold his soul in a way to gain the strength needed to defeat his cousin who was trying to usurp his throne. The power that was given to him was a magical blade that talked to him and hungered for the souls of the living. Now of course, this means that the people would no longer be of the living once they were killed by said sword to feast on the souls and since Elric was burdened with this sword that whispers sweet words of “kill them all” in his ear he decided it would be best to leave his queen/lover/other cousin and country so he doesn’t go and slaughter them all. This leaves him wandering the realm and we just gave you the intro page real quick.

While wandering in the first issues the sword talks to him until he feeds it on the blood of some quiets the swords for a little bit though the sword really wanted the slaves blood too! One of the slaves was a ship’s captain and count of the purple islands I believe it was and he decides to travel with Elric until he can pay him back…you know basic blood debt type of thing! One night a ghostly wolf leaves a golden trinket for Elric to find which the captain knew was the sigil of someone from a merchant town. Turns out to be from a very lovely young redhead who is the heiress to a merchant house but she wants to travel with Elric to find some sort of door in the ocean.

The artwork in this comic is absolutely amazing. The story reminds me of a wonderfully planned out D&D campaign. I can’t even begin to say how highly I recommend this comic. Get it, read it, then let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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