ATG Comic Review: Die Die Die

Welcome back everyone! I know we were gone for a few weeks, but we had a lot of stuff suddenly hit us. From family vacations to medical emergencies, we ended up out of town for 2 weeks so we weren’t close to our usual shops to pick up our comics. This week our shops have made up for this by giving us four, thats right FOUR, comics to review. This first one comes to us from a shop that has been growing and growing by leaps and bounds as of late- our friends at Bearded Browncoats! What I want to call your attention to this week for them is actually the banners that link to their Ocala and Gainesville facebook pages. This week we added some addresses to the bottoms of their respective banners. This way if you don’t know where they are just look at the banner before you check out their facebook site and you can find them that way! So check them out online by clicking the banners but be sure to go and give the bearded ones some love in person too!The comic we got from Bearded Browncoat was a surprise entrant that they weren’t even expecting in he said and it is a comic that is called Die Die Die. With a title like this you really hope for some good action and this comic certainly gave us that action. If you have ever seen the comic movie Wanted that’s a good basis for the type of comic this is. We open the comic with two men colliding at the track and the younger switching out a ticket with the older for a bet. The one on the olders new ticket then win and you realize with the 1000 to 1 odds that somehow the race was somehow rigged. You then see the younger man running from people trying to kill him, which ends in a bloody battle where the man loses his nose. You then find out that in this world Assassination is a normal thing. A lot like in the world of Wanted; however, in this case, the person kept finding ways to save someone until they found out how to do something without death to get their thing pushed through. However some rivals still didn’t like it and went after her assassin. So, who do you recruit to save your now noseless assassin? How about one of his two identical brothers? All in all, it was a fun good action packed book. I loved when the senator I think it was was going through all her options about who could be killed and what could then happen to go wrong until she came upon the non-lethal option.

Have you seen this one yet and if so what did you think of it? What do you think of the world of assassination, is this a viable solution in our real world? Does this happen more often than we think in the real world? Sound off below to let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Die Die Die

  1. Personally from me, from the graphics alone I don’t think Die Die Die is my type of comic. I’m not feeling the storyline either. Is Die Die Die something of it’s own or is this related to some other comics? Btw, I know I’ve been back reading and catching up on some of your posts but I hope everything is well! (As I can see in this post you were dealing with some medical emergencies)

    1. I believe Die Die Die is its own thing not related to any other book.

      Thanks for asking….well my moms cancer scare was just that a scare….as for me well it seems mine is back…spots in lung haven’t grown but the spot on the adrenal gland has and since its in a place where they can’t biopsy they say it means that we are going to start treating it like the cancer is back which means back onto chemo meds…which means time for my hair to go all white again!

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