Welcome to another great review from the DWP team! This is going to be a light week for the comic reviews as we only have just this one, but we will try to make up for it with some game and movie reviews or something else special for you guys!

This week from Vibranium Comics we have the first issue in a comic sure to be a thriller called the Death of the Inhumans! I’m honestly not sure where Marvel is going to be going with this as they also have an Extinction event coming up in the X-Men side of things as well. So far this comic has some good action and some sadness already. We see that the Kree have sent messages to their old inhuman experiments. We find out there are 5 kingdoms of Inhumans out there of which 4 are ruled by queens.

I never kept up much with the Inhumans since I saw them as second rate mutants really so I don’t know if this kingdom thing has been explained before or not. However, it seems that the Kree have made a new super inhuman that is going out and destroying the various inhuman communities and leaving behind the choice for Black Bolt and his kingdom to “Join or Die”. It seems that the Kree have a prophecy that they think Black Bolt might be the destroyer of the Kree Empire. Back in the day, they had a prophecy saying a king of inhumans that they were creating would one day rise up against them and crush their empire.

Now they are destroying those kingdoms without kings making sure they don’t get them and trying to intimidate the one that does into giving up. However, I don’t think they know Black Bolt real well. I can see a huge fight coming with this new Super Inhuman and considering the name of the comic I can see a lot more deaths coming than the few shockers we already had in it.

I think this is a storyline that could finally get me reading something about the inhumans just because they are finally hitting a  speed bump in their road that can rival some of the old X-Men storylines. It just concerns me that they have this for both the mutants and Inhumans at the same time. I am afraid they may be going too much into the extinction well this time if they are going to be threatening two races at once. Though that does bring me to a few questions!

So between this and the Extinction storyline coming up do you see a possible end to the mutant and inhumans in Marvel? Do you think they are going to go with the more depowered super heroes from here on out? Do you think they may use this as a way to finally bring mutant and inhuman together as a race somehow…maybe with the infinity stones or some other way?

Sound off below with what you think may be up coming for the super powered beings of the Marvel Universe!