ATG Comic Review: Curse of Brimstone #1

Hey there everyone, welcome back to Draxisweb and the All Things Geek Comic Review. You may have noticed some small changes in our reviews from calling them Draxis Reviews to ATG… well the reason there is we are trying to transition a lot of our things to the All Things Geek banner since we have been running under this name for about 4 or 5 years on facebook now and we are trying to consolidate everything so it’s easier to find and manage. Also, when we go to cons we have a lot of people who misspell Draxisweb and get our name wrong and so we figure All Things Geek will be easier for them as well. So name changes but our great content will stay the same- no worries there!

So this week’s comics are coming to you from our awesome friends at Vibranium Comics, as I said last week we thought we were coming up on one year of their new location being open and sure enough, on May 1st Vibranium is having their 1st Year Anniversary for the new shop and location. So be sure to swing by there starting at 10am and going all day for some good sales and food and fun! Also remember Free ComicBook Day is coming up soon! So check out what’s going on down at Vibranium by clicking the banner above for their website and as always the banner below goes to their website.

So this week we start in on DC Comics “NEW AGE OF HEROES!” by bringing you a review on the first issue of the Curse of Brimstone! So right off the bat one thing that I love about DC Comics is the price. Right now I collect Mainly MArvel and they are $3.99 per with a $4.99 for #1’s and Special issues if not more. However this first issue of a new comic with a new hero is only $2.99 which seems to be the norm for DC comics. Considering we are a 3 person house living on a 1 person salary right now the lower the price of things we get the better. Now I just wish I was a bigger fan of more DC Comics rather than Marvel so we could take that price break into better consideration. So this New Age seems to be the new thing coming in after Metal and Doomsday Clock are changing everything up….yet again. While Marvel hasn’t rebooted in a while…like a real reboot ever, DC tends to do it every few years and this time they are releasing a slew of new heroes as well as new teams to go with the new continuity whatever that may be. Right now I hope the new look and feel is better than what they did with the New 52 because in my opinion they messed a lot of stuff up with that!

So onto Brimstone. Not the first hero of this name but new to DC Brimstone so far is a story about a nowhere town that is failing rapidly due to it being an old fashioned Coal Mining town. We hear about this all the time on the news and it sometimes plays a part in movies and such where you find the towns that used to be huge and bustling have now died and dried up because their mines have gone out or the factories are closed down ect. In this case, it was a coal mine and it has created a new dead end town for those that live there. It’s a case of you either have enough money to leave and you get out or you get stuck there trying to find a way to afford to get out. In this story, the main kid has a sister who could leave if she wanted to study nursing but she is stuck there taking care of their disabled father and he is stuck trying to find work in a town that is slowly dying. This takes up most of the comic so this one for now is a bit slow. It’s the last few pages where it really kicks up as this man comes in and picks the main kid up promising him that he and “home office” can help bring people back to the town, that the kid himself can do something big to turn the place around. The kid of course jumps at the chance and so the man starts flooding hi with power and turning him into some sort of giant flaming coal like creature. This is where the comic ends, from what I hear it may end up like DC’s new version of Ghost Rider but other than looks I’m not so sure about that We’ll just have to see where this is heading.

Right now, I would recommend the book just so that if it gets real good you’ll be in on the ground floor and know whats going on. I am intrigued so far as to what will come, but I’m not sure yet whether this will be a huge thing or not since this is only a small dose origin comic. It at least sets things up well so we’ll see what comes of it!

Let us know below if you plan on picking this comic up and what you thought of it!


4 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Curse of Brimstone #1

  1. I was actually discussing this curse of brimstone with my friend and they believed this would turn out like DCs Ghost rider. Well, just to be optimistic, I hope it doesn’t cause I’ve already subscribed for the series and waiting for the second issue.

  2. I think I like the All Things geek name with the ATG abbreviation. Same name as a social media handle name would boost the SEO visibility of a site.

  3. Thanks for doing this review Kevin. My friend’s son who is 7 started getting into comics and we were trying to find a series to start him off one. Someone recommended Curse of Brimstone in a comic shop to us but they didn’t have it in stock at the time so we couldn’t actually look through it. We don’t want to get him something too dark and DC tends to be a lot darker in comics than Marvel. I think she will end up passing after reading this review. I just e-mailed it to her. Would you say this is too dark for a 7-year-old?

    1. Yeah i certainly think too dark for a 7 year old personally. most of the super hero ones I would say especially in DC to wait until preteen for just because even though Marvel is a bit lighter they are still more adult than I remember them being when I was younger. Marvel does have some good kids super hero comics out that are meant for kids.

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