ATG Comic Review: Cover #1

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have been enjoying our reviews lately! Boy, do we have two good comics for ya this week…both smaller known publishers this first one being from Jinxworld the creator owned imprint from Brian Michael Bendis who now works for DC. It seems DC is going to be distributing these for him now so probably a sweet little deal for him there. Anyway I would like to know a few things from you. So please answer in the comments the following: Do you like the new formats for these blogs with the new buttons instead of the banners for the links? Second question is do you guys prefer to donate to help a site like our through things like Patreon and Ko-fi or would you rather we created an online store? Let us know below what you think. If you would like to back us using Ko-fi just click the signature graphic at the end of the blog to be taken to the official ATG ko-fi page or type into your browser!

OK so now that the housekeeping stuff is out of the way, on to the reviews!  This first comic comes to us from the bearded wonders at Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games in both Ocala and Gainesville, Florida. Bearded is always having something big happening in their stores but one of the things I am enjoying lately is that they have a lot of great action figures from DC and Marvel that you can buy. Some are new and some are trade ins but they are all in the box and in wonderful condition. They even have some Dragonball figures as well and a great selection of Funko Pops! So be sure to check them out and give them some love for their collectibles as well as their comics and games! Just click on the buttons below to go to their stores facebook pages!

This weeks comic as mentioned above is from the Jinxworld imprint which is being distributed by DC Comics. The title is Cover and the first issues really hits home with me as a lot of it takes place at a convention. As you may know, my wife and I are trying to do the convention circuit down here in Florida but right now we have a 2 a year limit due to cost (SyFy Bartow in Febuary and Necronomicon in Tampa in October hope to see you guys there!) Anyway, the comics begins with a guy selling his art at a convention some originals and some prints. It turns out he is a cover artist for comic books (an everyday sight at most conventions). So he goes through the typical sales pitches and as is usual for conventions is kinda bored and in a rut trying to sell his stuff. Believe me the life of a con-goer is much more glamorous than the life of a con-vendor. If you are a famous guy who has to be at your table (or are the only one at the table knowledgeable about your stuff) then you are stuck at your table and it becomes no different than any other retail job…the only difference is a lot of the people you talk to are in costume and some of them actually might want your autograph if you’re famous. Problem is it’s still work!

Now in this comic something that every vendor especially artists wants happens to this guy. A very lovely young lady comes up and wants to buy some of his work, the originals, the expensive ones, and won’t hear of him discounting them for buying more than one! Major SCORE! That doesn’t happen everyday in the wheeling and dealing haggling halls of a con! So he is of course happy and delighted finds out her name and she disappears. We then find out his dad has some financial troubles because of an ex-lover (not his mom it doesn’t look like) and he gives his dad half of what he made from that sale to kinda get rid of his dad and kinda help him out at the same time.

At the next con he sees her again and she wants to buy more art and even says she will treat him to dinner, just a business dinner. So he accepts, I mean she is a good looking girl who is buying his stuff. At dinner she tells him she is a member of the CIA doing some work with recruiting. Mentions the dad and the ex. He’s asking things she’s being both coy and very forthcoming for a spy. She mentions she does truly like his work and is a fan but again she is also talking about working where he is at and knows stuff about him and she did say recruiting. He seems to have missed that part as she gets a phone call and then ducks out leaving him with the bill…hopefully she had bought the artwork first though!

He actually tells his friend about this and then is astonished to find out he is invited to a con in Istanbul all expenses paid (another awesome thing that rarely happens unless you’re famous as usually you pay for everything at a con, room, your table, airfare or whatever transportation) So he of course accepts and when he gets there he finds his transportation waiting for him and his driver is the girl from the CIA and end story!

I have to admit I am curious where they are going with this one. Do they want to hire this cover artist simply because he can go to these cons and maybe see something going on with certain people that others wouldn’t be able to see? Is this to do with his dad and who he was seeing? How does a recruiter for the CIA just kinda pick out a random person like him and decide he should be recruited? What assets does a comic cover artist truly have for CIA type work? Anyway, I thought Cover was a great fun comic. I was really able to identify with the main character because of the whole Con thing and if you are an artist or creator of some kind that has done cons the relatability to him is instant. I loved the artwork and style and I think it cool that because the lead person is a cover artist in the book they are using this book to also showcase the ability of their cover artist by printing some of his work in the back. All in all, I quite liked this book! Did you read it, we would like to hear your thoughts as well- whether you are a con-goer or not!

2 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Cover #1

  1. Interesting to see a comic book based around an artist at a convention. Brian Bendis seems to have come up with a good plot. Let’s see how he executes it. That’s always been my problem with some of his work (such as “Secret Invasion” and “Dark Reign”). He has great ideas but lousy execution. This is interesting because comics have a history of doing stories at conventions. I was just reading an issue of “Iron Man” from the 1970’s that took place at a convention. As someone who’s been to his fair share of cons, you never know what you’ll run into at one.

  2. I think the artwork for the comic has a new or interesting take to it from what we’re used to. With the story that you shared on how the comic plays about, I think it’s also the type I’d like to read! Although this has to be the first one I know about centering on an artists at a convention. By the way, I’m loving the new feel of the site since you asked earlier in this post! 🙂

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