ATG Comic Review: Battlecats #1

Welcome back everyone, and I hope you are all having a great Easter today. While you guys are seeking eggs (same here) we’re also working on our blogs for you guys! This week we have an awesome little comic from an indie publisher that seems to be up and coming with some good titles if this first one is anything to go by. This one was given to us by our friends at Browncoat Comics and Games and we were told it’s a “fun little read” and “Thundercats on steroids” and I have to agree with both of these statements as I’ll tell you in a little bit as I get into the meat of this blog. Now, if you want to grab a copy of this comic and many others as well as pops, toys, and games head into Browncoat Comics and Games which has a location in both Ocala and a newer location in Gainesville right near the Oaks Mall and where Toys R Us is for now! Bearded has some awesome sales that they run but one of the things I love the most there are the gaming tables for the miniatures games! So join them sometime for a game of X-Wing or Legion or Warhammer! Keep up with what’s going on in store by clicking the banner above to be inked to their facebook page which is updated very regularly!

So this review is for the Battlecats comic from the indie publisher Mad Cave Studios. This is the first I have heard of them and I think the first of their books out. Judging by this book I hope to see more of their stuff cross my review desk because I loved this first Battlecats comic! The main characters are all Anthros and of course they are my favorite types of Anthros Cats! I may be a bit biased about this though considering most people say if I ever went Furry that I would be a cat and indeed there were several Antho type Characters online that I played and most of them were feline. Another reason I loved this character type so much is because of very fond memories of the Thundercat Comics and TV show from my youth. I used to love watching the show and it was probably my second choice in my top 5 list of TV shows as a kid and this comic reminded me a lot of the show because of the characters. There is also a great bit of action in this comic which I think is where the “on steroids” part of the quote above comes in. This part of the comic reminded me of the blood and action fond in the old Conan comics of which I was also a huge fan. Add to all of this the fact that the differing characters remind me of a Dungeons and Dragons group which I was a HUGE fan of back in high school and it has such a great nostalgic feel that I can’t help but love this comic. This hits just about all my good nostalgia buttons from when I was a kid that it seems almost like it was written for my enjoyment alone, though I am sure others would feel the same for the same reason.

During the book my only complaint was that I NEEDED to know more about the characters and the land because I loved what was going on so much I wanted to know the basis for all of this. Get to the end of the comic and much to my wonder and delight they told of a website that is dedicated to the comic and tells backstories for the characters and the lands they are in! So yup this comic has it all, great characters, great throwback retro feel, great background stuff easily findable so that you can’t get lost easily and of course a great website to hold it on on (also linked from the cover pic). If I were to give this some sort of star review it would max out and add a new level to the stars for the review system that’s how much I enjoyed this one.

I would say this is one comic you shouldn’t miss…at all….ever. I am very impressed by this one so be sure to run out and get it and if you do let us know in the comments what you thought of the comic! For myself however, I am very much looking forward to seeing other issues of this one and hopefully some others from this small indie imprint. If they keep up this level of art and storytelling and keep up the good website backup for people I think they will do wonderfully!

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3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Battlecats #1

  1. LOL. You aren’t alone in the whole obsession for cats. I love cats too and you’ll guess that as soon as you enter my home. The battle cats is just another amazing comic I’ve read. I’m also a fan of Thundercat comic and so this was just another great one to add to my list. The characters are good and I enjoyed every part of it

  2. Hey,

    This is Aimee from Mad Cave Studios. I really enjoyed your review and appreciate the honest feedback!

    I wanted to ask you for a favor. I was hoping you’d be willing to add in a link back to our site in your review. The link would tell Google to rank us higher, which is something that would really help us get the word out about our comics. If you have the time to do that, I would be incredibly grateful.

    Best Regards

    1. Hey Aimee so glad you liked our review! I do have one link back to Battlecats site linked in the cover pic for the comic. If you would like I can easily slide in a link to the studio just in text or if you have a banner you would like me to use feel free to send that along to me with the link you would like!

      Just send both through to the email and I can easily accommodate you!

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