ATG Comic Review: Batman Secret Files #1

So welcome back everyone! I hope you had a great Halloween and were able to score some awesome comics from Halloween ComicFest sales in your areas! I know we had a great time at our local stores, even if I was a bit under the weather and missed trick or treating! Thankfully my parents were in the area and were able to take my son around for a good candy filled time letting me get over my migraine…unfortunately, I have been so stressed with the return of my cancer that I have been plagued with migraines and headaches all week this week…..nothing like a deadly disease to keep your muscles tight with tension. Anyway, back on meds for me and most likely more Cancel Cancer blogs in the future as new things pop up! So wish me luck that the meds can knock out this round of Cancer.

This week we have 2 comics to review one of which is a Halloween special from Marvel and the other is a new comic from DC. Both of these comics have been supplied by our friends at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Be sure to check them out on Facebook through the link below or check out their website for easy at home shopping!

The first comic we are going to talk about is Batman Secret Files. Batman secret files is a whopping $4.99 which is more than most of the DC comics out there. It is a little longer than the others so that’s a good thing however it is made up of several smaller stories. The stories range in type and tone and artwork. Most of the stories to me seem unfinished….while there is an ending to each there is so much more that could have been done to make each one a stand-alone comic but instead they leave out good clean endings. For example, the first story has Batman doing his normal thing and beating up the criminals. He ends up breaking some fingers during a punch and when he gets home he can’t even hold his cup of tea that Alfred brings him. Superman comes to him with what is known as platinum kryptonite from deep within the Negative Zone. This new kryptonite has the power to give the powers of Superman to Batman so he can fight crimes better. Batman doesn’t touch it yet and asks Alfred if he is enough and then nothing….You never see what he may do with the rock….does he touch it? Does he put it in a safe place in case its needed later? Does he drop it in the ocean? Does Alfred snatch it up and become a super butler? Who knows? Not me and no one else that has read this tale. They simply never address that major point of the story again!

After that, there are 4 more short stories in the comic. Three of them are more fleshed out and feel a little more complete but still could have taken up a whole comic by themselves and the last one to mention sees Batman up in some ski lodge somewhere hunting Man-Bat. He has a bow and arrow set with him and after hearing a ton of banging on his lodge he goes out and shoots at what’s causing the noise which turns out to be a deer. Never does he see the criminal, never does he even know if the Man-Bat is there really. It’s a very anti-climatic ending to what could have been a spooky story with the banging and such on the cabin. One of the stories has detective chimp in it and was ok, another had a scarecrow story in it which was pretty cool and then there was one about Wayne Tech getting into the wrong hands (think beginning of Ironman movie where he finds out his missiles are in the hands of terrorists and you’ll have this story in a nutshell just with street gangs instead of terrorists).

So out of 5 stories I really only enjoyed 2 of them and thought that at least 3 if not 4 of them could have been much longer and fleshed out better. All in all, I would say this one is a fail for the Bat and a great missed opportunity to make this into a mini-series of cases. I’m not sure if this is a one-off or if there are supposed to be more in the series if there are more I hope they do one case per comic and not several like this one was.

Personally, I love trying to tell stories in a flash fiction form. I myself have a story in a book that is nothing but shorts told in 66 words. That was a fun little writing exercise! However, in comics, I don’t always think that the shorts work out since a lot of things are being told with the art as well! What do you guys think, do you like the short story form? If you’re interested in seeing the 66-word story here’s a link to the Kindle edition  If you enjoy what we do here and want to support us then please head over to and leave us a tip! And as always sound off below and let us know your thoughts and ideas!

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