ATG Comic Review: Artifact One #0

Welcome back to our second comic review of the week. I have to admit that right now I am excited as can be. I am only a few days away from receiving in the mail something that I have been waiting for for a few years now. In a few weeks, I will make a post all about it and the people who made it for me….but first, on September the 8th there is an event for WXW where a bunch of WWE Legends and Hall of Famers will be attending. I plan on getting this new thing of mine signed by them all as well as any WXW’ers who will sign it as well. Once  have this done, I will make my two posts- one on the night of wrestling which I want to start doing again and one on the item! Until then though, we will continue to give you these comic reviews along with toy reviews and whatever else we can find to write about for you. If you have anything you would like us to consider reviewing let us know- we would love to hear ideas and suggestions from you!

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So this week’s comic from the Bearded Ones is a comic from indie comic publisher Aspen Comics called Artifact One. This is issue #0 and is a GREAT introduction issue for what is appearing so far to be a very interesting new world. Populated by a lot of ugly and some fugly aliens we have a cute protagonist girl who is a forager on their planet. She goes out and collects fresh herbs for the local farmers market and while she is out there she looks for new things for her secret scientist father. Her father is a scientist in secret because the worlds religion is very much against science. In many ways this society reminds me of what we read about the Catholic Church back in the days of Galileo. The religion of the planet is very much Anti-science (kinda like today’s government in America but shhhhh let’s not get into that right now) and this religion has enforcers who go around and actively kill the scientists and destroy their work. This has made scientists go underground as much as they can as they look for the truth of what makes the world tick. I am finding this very interesting as a dynamic for the world that they have made and I can’t wait to see more done with this.

This was a very short comic due to it being a #0 it was almost like just a preview. I found it fun and I liked the characters they had. I enjoyed the feel of a world where religion and science are butting heads so much that the scientists are being actively hunted by religious templars for lack of a better name. There are many mirrors to the past in this story so far in how the society is and I love that in a book but also in some ways I can see our own administration heading that way. Our own government tends to denounce what scientists say, our own “enlightened” elected people focus more on religion and religious rights than they do listening to the scientists about how to protect the planet. With the way Trump treats the news media branding them as enemy #1, if he stays in office could the scientists be far behind? In many ways, with how Trump keeps destroying protections for the environment and rolling back this and cutting budgets here there and everywhere in the government, the scientific community may soon see us reverting to these types of ways if it wasn’t for Trumps love and wanting of a Space Force. I mean we live in a world where there is a growing flat earth movement for crying out loud! We still have people who will refuse medical treatments because their religion tells them to! So are we truly so far removed from what is being seen in this comic?….somehow I don’t think we truly are and it makes me wonder just how much it would take to slip back into that type of society.

Let me know what you think of this comic if you have gotten it. Do you think the mineral the girl finds in the beginning will be what Artifact One is named for and how much crap will spiral out of control just because this girl has found some new rocks? Sound off below and share your thoughts with us.

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