ATG Comic Review: Aquaman and Jabberjaw

So as some of you know from reading my posts, I am not a young geek. In fact, this year was my 40th birthday, so I am a middle aged to older geek. So in many ways I see a lot of the newer things and can’t help but say “damn we geeks had it better especially in animation back in the 80’s.” I can’t help but look at cartoons like Teen Titans Go and KO OK Let’s be Heroes and the new Ducktails show and say what the hell happened? So sometimes I see something that is retro and I am in love with it such as the Comic “Labryinth; Coronation” but then there are times such as the new trailer for a new “Thundercats” that I see and I just want to cry. Why do I tell you this? Because there seems to be a revival in a lot of older things lately…some of which are well known properties and some of which are not quite as well known, and this week for our Comic Review we have one of those not as well known properties I think. So, I want to thank Vibranium Comics in Ocala Florida for their awesome review pick this week. This was an actually well done crossover and a very fun read that brought back a good bit of nostalgia for my youth. So give Vibranium some love and click the linked banner above to visit their facebook page and check out their events (they just had a concert there the other day) or click the linked banner at the end to visit their website.

Now on to the comic review. This week we find ourselves with a mashup of a popular but underrated DC hero in Aquaman being paired up with a blast from the past in the talking shark Jabberjaw. For those of you youngsters who don’t remember or know who Jabberjaw is, well he’s a talking shark that is hard to describe without using more descriptors from the 80’s and before. For example, the best way to describe Jabberjaw is as a talking shark that was a mix of the voice of Curly from the Three Stooges and the comedy of Rodney Dangerfield. Like Josey and the Pussycats and Gem and the Holograms back in the day the whole cartoon singing group was very popular, they even had a more grown up version of the babies in the Flinstones who had their own band. In this case Jabberjaw was a drummer in an underwater band. In this future, you saw a lot of humans beneath the waves and talking fish didn’t seem to bother most people if I remember correctly. Just like all the other 80’s band cartoons they fashioned themselves as part Scooby Doo and part The Monkees. Here is a video from the beginning of the cartoon to show you just what we saw with Jabberjaw.

So in this, you have Aquaman get called in for a big shark in his home beach and the police hope he can talk to the shark and get rid of it before the Shark hunters come in and make a mess of the place. They then meet Jabberjaw and get sent into the future of another dimension. They see the Atlanteans of the Jabberjaw cartoon sending hostile mind controlled sharks into what they think is the past but is actually Aquamans Past/Alt Dimension. Jabberjaw and his band, as well as Aquaman, solve the mystery and shut down the Atlantean plan to stop Aqualand from ever forming. They name drop another cartoon in the form of Sealab 2020 (not Sealab 2021 which is a voiceover of the cartoon I am talking about which, in my opinion ruined it).

This comic was great because of the nostalgia in this, but also because they drew Jabberjaw to look like a real shark instead of keeping him all cartoony. Aquaman’s reaction upon finding a shark he really could talk to and that anyone could talk to was just great and their reactions to each other kept me laughing. The entire time I was reading it I couldn’t help but read Jabberjaw’s part in his voice, which I have been told before I can do a pretty good version of.

Then after the main story was finished, they had a bonus Hannah Barberra story brought into the DC universe in the form of Captain Caveman. They brought him and the Teen Angels in and just like with Jabberjaw, they drew him more true to life as an actual Caveman, whereas he used to look like the Adams Families Cousin It. So for fun, I will leave you with the intro to Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels below…once again it was a scooby doo like mystery solving show but this time with a caveman super hero instead of a dog.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review…let me know below if you were around to remember the Jabberjaw and Captain Caveman cartoons and if you were a fan or if not which old Hannah Barberra cartoons would you like to see be revived in the comics if they did it up in a good way like this?


3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Aquaman and Jabberjaw

  1. Kevin, I never thought I would see the title “Aquaman and Jabberjaw” together. Let’s be real. There’s no way this comic should even be on the newsstands, but someone obviously has a sense of humor and the guts to give it a try. When I saw the preview, I was thinking of how stupid this would be, but your review makes it sound like it’s worth checking out. I just turned 50 (and by the way, don’t consider yourself middle-aged until you at least hit 50) and I’ve grown tired with most DC and all Marvel superhero books (although I do enjoy some of Marvel’s “Star Wars” books). When something like this shows up, I’m normally inclined to shake my head, but after reading the premise, it sounds worth picking up.

    1. Normally I am right there with ya on the weird crossovers. Unless they are done well I hate seeing them and wonder what people were thinking. This one though I loved!

  2. I don’t know how to feel about this. I was thinking this was a joke! My oldest brother who was born in the 70’s (I’m an 80’s baby) loved Jabberjaw. I don’t mind random crossovers when they are done right. I did enjoy the review and it has peaked my interest in maybe checking this one out in the future but I am in no big rush. I like Aquaman but I am just not sure on this one yet!

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