ATG Comic Review: Absolute Carnage Scream

Hey there everyone; welcome back to the All Things Geek comic book review! We have two awesome reviews for you this week from our friends at Vibranium Comics as well as 3 more reviews we’ll be putting up later in the week -and possibly into next week depending on how long it takes me to do them -of some other comics we had purchased at Vibranium that were not part of their official review list!

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So the first comic we have for you is one of the lead ups to the new Absolute Carnage event. This comic is Absolute Carnage Scream and sees one of my favorite Symbiotes from a looks standpoint making a return to the pages. I always loved the Yellow and Red design of this character and love getting this chance to see her in the pages of a new comic even though I am not as familiar with her character as I’d like to be. Unfortunately, between my days in highschool and just a few years ago I didn’t follow the comics as much as I used to so I missed out on a lot of the things with the various Venom and Carnage kids. 

So, I knew of this character but hadn’t known until this comic that she had been dead for a while. If you have been following the Ve’Nam and VenomVerse and all of those comics that have been coming out in the past few years you’ll know they have added in a god of the Symbiotes known as Knull. Well it seems he is still around and honestly I need to start hunting down some of these back issues because I love all things Symbiote but somehow I just haven’t gotten back into buying the comics yet (probably because I have so much on my plate already with the various X-Men comics and some others that I read for enjoyment instead of work here). 

Anyway it seems that a lot of Symbiotes are still running around and they seem to be converging on New York. You can always tell a follower of Knull because they have a spiral on their face instead of the typical eyes. In this book we see Scream get resurrected the symbiote clinging to the bones of it’s old human host. She ends up going after another character that I’m not familiar with but who had worn one of the Symbiotes before. She ends up bonding with her and it seems that the old Scream personality is still within.

Unfortunately, I’m not as well versed with these characters as I would like to be but this has made me want to check out what else Absolute Carnage will be bringing to us. I absolutely loved the artwork and think this may be some of the better art I’ve seen for Scream. All in all, I would certainly recommend this for anyone who enjoys the Symbiotes that have run rampant in the Marvel Universe before. I can’t wait for more!

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