Anthem: Know Your Javelin- Colossus

Hey hey hey everyone, and we are back with some more information about the awesome game known as Anthem. In this blog, we will be going over something very important- Knowing Your Javelin! Your Javelin is the suit of Iron Man like armor that you wear into combat against things like Skorpions, Scars, and Outlaws! So what I want to do is make a 4 part series out of this one part for each Javelin and in this one, we will focus on the Colossus or the Hulk Buster armor of the set. Check out our PSN name in the Signature Picture I made for this armor and feel free to send me a friend invite because it’s good to have a bunch of friends especially ones that play a lot and this one has become my go-to game right now.

So as you can see from the pictures I have in this blog and what I said in the beginning, the Colossus is like the Iron Man HulkBuster armor. He is the tank of the team if you want the typical WoW terminology. This armor wades in close and unleashes damage like crazy while absorbing quite a bit of damage. One big thing that’s different with this armor and the others is that the Colossus does not have a built-in automatic shield bar. However, the suit does have a shield you just have to pull it out. Instead of dodging the Colossus will pull out a huge riot shield very much like one of the Scars have. Unlike other shields, this shield can also be used as a weapon. If you have a shield out and then just start running you will bash through enemies and if you have the right components on it then you can have a huge damage bonus.

For damage, I have to say the Colossus is a monster when you use a shotgun as your weapon but honestly, if you pair together the Flamethrower equipment and the Lightning Coil then you will barely ever need to use your gun. The lightning and flame are a KILLER close combat duo. The only downside is you won’t have much long-range weaponry but then again that is NOT the strong point in the Colossus.

Now a big thing with the weapons. There is a Lightning Coil and a Shock Coil and these two things are NOT the same. The shock coil is in a circle around you and your opponent must be on the ground for it to work from what I can tell. It also does not reach as far as the Lightning Coil. The lightning coil does not hit all around you at the same time but only hits one person but it hits harder and can hit airborne targets. It also hits further away. Both Lightning and Shock can be used while your shield is up whereas everything else puts your shield away

With the Colossus, your main fighting style will be to wade into the thick of things and start unleashing hell on everyone around you. Your melee is a ground pound that if you do after a jump is amazingly deadly. Using your Melee attack while your shield is out is a nice slam into the enemies face.

For gun weapons, I think the best for close range is the Shotgun. The shotty doesn’t look the best if you look at the damage output but then you find out that the damage is not total but is for every pellet of the spread that hits! Colossus is also the only one that can use the autocannon which is good for sending bullets down range fast; however, I find it is hard to control as the kickback sends the gun upwards swiftly and you keep having to adjust your aim down as you shoot.

The ultimate for the Colossus is a Rail Gun which basically nukes your enemies. This is a great weapon to use against bosses, especially the giant spider-like Skorpion in the Tyrant Mines.

Now, normally I am not the type that likes a tank character. I prefer mages but in this case, for some reason, the Colossus has become my favorite class of the whole game. This is my go-to Javelin right now and I am loving it more every time I unlock more goodies to use and every time I level up with it!

Now that I have shared my thoughts and insights into this game and this armor suite, it is your turn! Do you play Anthem?  What do you think about the game and the Javelins and the Colossus in particular? Sound off in the comments below and let us know! Also don’t forget if you love what we do here and want to help support us go to and drop us a tip. Everything we make from Ko-fi will be put back into the website and helping it become better and better everyday!

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