Animal Crossing New Horizons: August Sea Creature Guide

Welcome back, everyone! Today we are sending out our guides for Sea Creatures, Bugs, and Fish that will be coming to Animal Crossing in August and also those that will be going away. Each Guide will give a detailed listing of what, where, when, and if need be any other special tidbits needed to find and catch these critters so you can fill your critterpedia and museums fast!

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Creatures are listed in the following fashion

Name- Dates Available- Times Available- Shadow Size- Speed

ACNH Sea Creatures North

Flatworm- 4pm-9am- Extra-Small- Extra-Slow

Northern Hemisphere LEAVING

Vampire Squid- 4pm-9am- Medium- Extra-Fast

Sea Pineapple- All Day- Small- Slow

ACNH Sea Creatures Southern Hemisphere


Southern Hemisphere LEAVING

Sea Pig- 4pm-9am- Small- Extra-fast

Oyster- All Day- Small- Slow

Sweet Shrimp- 4pm-9am- Small- Slow

Venus Flower Basket- All Day- Medium- Fast

So it seems there is plenty leaving us at the end of this next month especially for those in the Southern Hemisphere. Sadly there isn’t really much new except for one creature in the North! Make sure to check back next month for our September Updates and be sure to check our other August updates for Fishing and Bug catching guides!

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