Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Year Sea Creature Guide!

Welcome back everyone to yet another Animal Crossing blog. Yup, we’re addicted to this game and as such, you’ll keep seeing blog after blog about what’s in the game and how to get the most out of the game.  Sorry…but not really too sorry because this game has been awesome for fighting my depression and for helping to teach our son. 

So on July 3rd I believe it was, we saw the 1.3 update for Animal  Crossing and with it came swimming in the ocean (yeah thanks Tom… safe indeed…I keep catching Great White Sharks from my shore! I’ve seen Jaws numerous times you damn Racoon, we need to close the beaches!) Anyway, with the update also came diving to capture sea creatures that we can turn into the museum, sell, and even one we can give to a cool Otter named Pascal – and he will give us Mermaid DIY’s, Clothes and even Pearls! So that’s what this blog will be featuring, the sea creatures you can find all year long in both hemispheres.

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Name- Time- Shadow Size- Swim Speed

Sea Stars- All Day- Small Shadow- Slow

Sea Anemone- All Day- Large Shadow- Still

Sea Slug- All Day- Extra-Small- Extra-Slow

Pearl Oyster- All Day- Small- Medium

Scallop- All Day- Medium- Slow

Whelk- All Day- Small- Slow

Octopus- All Day- Medium- Slow

Acorn barnacle- All Day- Extra-Small- Still

Mantis Shrimp- 4pm-9am- Small- Medium

And there you have it. Out of 40 available creatures, we have 9 that are available all year long. And as you can see by our chart all but one of them are available all day. Since this is July lets see what leaves in both Hemispheres at the end of this month!

Northern Hemisphere

Seaweed- All Day- Large- Still

Southern Hemisphere

Abalone- 4pm-9am- Medium- Medium

So we have one from each Hemisphere leaving us. Keep checking back to see if we have anything new coming in  August as well as for our fishing and bug guides for August! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube and check out our Patreon pages linked above! Anything you can do to help by liking, sharing, and subscribing goes one step further in being able to keep bringing these blogs, reviews, and more to you!

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