Animal Crossing June Fish Guide North

Welcome back, everyone! Once again I come to you with a monthly Fishing Guide for Animal Crossing. So today, I am going to share with you a listing of the fish that are new this month and where/when you can catch them. This list will be for the Northern Hemisphere, and I’ll be making and posting one for the Southern Hemisphere as well. I will be trying to find out if there are any special things needed to catch these fish other than the times and possibly locations, and if so I will update this blog with new information, so keep checking back. I will do this each month so you know what is coming and what to be on the lookout for.


Arapaima- 4pm-9am June-September

Arowana- 4pm-9am June-September

Dorado- 4am-9pm June-September

Piranha- 9am-4pm & 9pm-4am June-September

Saddled Bichir- 9pm-4am June-September

Tilapia- All Day- June-October


Gar- 4pm-9am June-September

Giant Snakehead 9am-4pm June-August


Great White Shark- 4pm-9am June-September (Shadow has Fin)

Hammerhead Shark- 4pm-9am June-September (Shadow has Fin)

Saw Shark- 4pm-9am June-September (Shadow has Fin)

Suckerfish- All Day- June-September (Shadow has Fin)

Whale Shark- All Day (Shadow has Fin)

Fish Leaving at the end of June

Char- River- 4pm-9am

Cherry Salmon- River(Clifftop) 4pm-9am

Have you caught all your fish that leave in June yet? What’s your favorite catch? Let us know below in the comments.

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