Welcome back everyone to our second Animal Crossing New Horizons blog. As I write this today, it is December 1st and I do apologize for getting to this late. November has been a busy month with doctors’ stuff and of course Thanksgiving. I have another busy schedule in December, but I’m hoping to try to get to the January blogs earlier in the month so hopefully, we won’t be in the first days of the month when the blogs come out again. Anyway, I do hope this blog helps everyone with what sea creatures are coming in this month and leaving at the end of the year. If these blogs do help you out consider helping us out by heading to our YouTube channel HERE and subscribing!

LobsterAll DayLargeFastDec-Jan
MusselAll DaySmallSlow
Turban ShellAll DaySmallSlow
Spiny Lobster9pm-4amLargeFast
Sea GrapesAll DaySmallStillDec-Mar
MusselAll DaySmallSlowDec-Jun
Gazami CrabAll DayMediumMediumDec-May
Tiger Prawn4pm-9amSmallMediumDec-Mar
Chambered Nautilus4pm-9amMediumMedium
Firefly Squid9pm-4amX-SmallSlow

So there you go. The North has more leaving than coming, while the South is the exact opposite this month with more coming than going. Nothing hugely exciting in this bunch for me, but I can’t remember whether the diving mechanic came out in time for us to get the Lobster in the North or not so I may have at least one new thing to add to my museum and critterpedia at least! So enjoy the rest of the year, and let’s hope that next year is better! Everyone be sure to stay safe out there and be smart, and make sure you join us in just a little bit when we put up our ACNH December Bug Catching Guide!

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