Animal Crossing December Fishing Guide

Welcome back everyone! Here we are just about into December so, I hope you all had a good Turkey Day experience in-game and in real life for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving. While this year has been kinda shit for many reasons, there are still a lot of things that we can give thanks for such as still being alive (always a plus especially for me fighting the cancer), for those in the US the fact that we voted the orange hatefulness out of office, family that is still alive even if we can’t visit them in person all the time, and of course the tech that allows us to still see them anyway. For many people, Animal Crossing has been a go-to tool to help with the stress during this time of pandemics and chaos and as such, it is only good to bring an end to this year with another group of blogs celebrating the mindless tasks of fishing, diving, and bug hunting. These aspects of Animal Crossing have helped so many of us just sit back and chill and for that we are grateful. So get your criterpedia out and be ready for what’s to come as we jump right into things with a new guide for December’s fish you can catch followed by what’s leaving at the end of the year.

OarfishAll DayDec-May
Sea ButterflyAll DayDec-Mar
SquidAll DayDec-Aug
Pond SmeltAll DayDec-Feb
PikeAll DayRiver
Great White Shark4pm-9amDec-MarFin
Hammerhead Shark4pm-9amDec-MarFin
Ribbon EelAll DayDec-AprNarrow Shadow
Saw Shark4pm-9amDec-MarFin
Sucker FishAll DayDec-MarFin
Whale SharkAll DayDec-MarFin
Giant Snakehead9am-4pmDec-Feb
Piranha 9am-4pm & 9pm-4amDec-Mar
Saddled Bichir9pm-4amDec-Mar
TilapiaAll DayDec-Apr
Cherry Salmon4pm-9amRiverClifftop

So there you have it folks! Not a ton going on up in the North but the South is seeing the onset of Shark season, so there are a LOT of incoming new fish for you to find once more if you didn’t get the game right at launch! Let us know what you are most excited about or how close you are to filling your criterpedia in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our YouTube channel at the link HERE and be sure to Subscribe so you can see whenever we upload new gaming content!

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