So we are back for our third guide for December, which is our last ACNH guide for the year!!!! In this one, we will be taking a look at the bugs you can add to your criterpedia this month as well as what will be leaving at the end of the year! So before we leap right into things, I just want to give a final reminder to check out our YouTube channel HERE and give us a subscribe if you want to stay on Santa’s Nice list.

Dung BeetleOn SnowballsAll DayDec-Feb
Emperor ButterflyNear Flowers5pm-8amDec-Mar
Rajah Brooke’s BirdwingNear Flowers8am-5pmDec-Feb
Drone BeetleOn TreesAll DayDec-Feb
Goliath BeetleOn Coconut Trees5pm-8amDec-Mar
Rainbow StagOn Trees7pm-8amDec-Mar
CentipedeHit Rocks5pm-11pm
Common ButterflyNear Flowers4am-7pm
LadybugOn Flowers8am-5pm
Peacock ButterflyNear Flowers4am-7pm
Pill BugHit Rocks11pm-4pm
Rosalia Batesi BeetleTree StumpsAll Day
Violin BeetleTree StumpsAll Day
Yellow ButterflyNear Flowers4am-7pm

So there you go, the North gets 3 new things and nothing leaving while the South has a ton of changes both new and in what’s leaving! So be sure you fill up your Criterpedia while you can! I’m looking forward to seeing my first snowball and finding the dung beetle since I don’t have snow around my house ever since moving down to Florida….I’ll live vicariously through ACNH while sipping some cocoa! Enjoy the game and we here at DWP wish everyone Happy Holidays!

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