I want to issue a challenge to you all! Just recently a person started a kickstarter campaign looking for 10 dollars to make potato salad. Somehow this person has raised over 56 thousand dollars! So my challenge to you is lets see if we can’t beat Mr. Potato Salad!

What would we do with all that extra money you may ask. Use it to update our soap making project by doubling the soap we want to buy as well as buying a lot more pre-made molds and a lot more things to make our own molds. But wait that’s not all!

If we can beat that goal we would be able to upgrade our convention going systems by adding in a tablet based POS system that could radically stream line our entire selling process and make it where we could accept credit cards at conventions, easily take orders and more! Wait there’s still more?!?!

That’s right there is more, you see 56K is a lot of money and that could go towards financing the printing of the “Everywhere” series of kids books and being able to pay our artist! BUT THERE’S STILL MORE!!!!!!!

With 56K or more we would be able to pay indie authors to submit stories for several Anthologies I would like the DWP to publish as well as cover printing costs!

And it doesn’t stop there. But how do we get to this lofty goal? By inviting EVERYONE on your friends list to this event and then challenging them to do the same and so on and so on. Make this event go viral and we can do anything! So I call it out now Geeks Unite! Parents wanting clean kids Unite! People of all Races, Religions, Political Parties, Sexes, whatever Unite and help us make this dream come true.

Every dollar donated can bring us one step closer to doing tons of projects that will benefit lots of people, but only YOU can help us beat the Potato Salad Guy!


Facebook Event- https://www.facebook.com/events/267557533435635/