Amanda Gayle releases first short story through DWP

Our very own Sci-Fi Writer/Blogger and Webmaster here at DraxisWeb Productions has just uploaded her first short story to Smashwords under the DraxisWeb Publications banner. The story is an Erotica about adopted sisters who have gone on a nature camp trip to celebrate the birthday of one of them. The other sister uses this time to drop the bombshell about a taboo love she has! How will Andrea react to the news?
The story “Confessions: A Sister’s Love” is the first story in the Slavers Bounty series and is available for 99 cents at the link below for all e-readers!

4 thoughts on “Amanda Gayle releases first short story through DWP

  1. The synopsis sounds interesting and intriguing. I would definitely be interested in reading this story and discovering more about it. If I understand correctly this story is standalone and the Urban Fantasy series is soon to come?

  2. This first one is to be a sci-fi trilogy at least eventually. The first one is pretty much a normal vanilla taboo love story with a small cliffhanger ending, the second story will delve into some sci-fi components and some interesting revelations about the two main girls and then the third will continue the developing relationships between the two girls and one other introduced in the second story…this one has a possibility of running several shorts in length I think.

    The second one that’s kinda urban fantasy is done and just needs editing and that’s a present day witch who is summoning a demon to try and gain more power when something goes wrong. That one right now is a stand alone story but might get a sequel depending on what the reaction to those characters are.

    We also have plans for a pure fantasy one with dragons another urban fantasy with a mind vampire and a few others that we are brainstorming right now.

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