Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5F- Is Fitz Really….?

If you have not yet seen the season finale of Agents of Shield, turn away now or spoilers you will find!

So welcome back to the All Things Geek blogs. Today, I am going to touch upon some stuff going on in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but on the TV side of things not the movies. If you’re here, I’m sure you have seen the title and know what this is about and are a fan of the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. If not, then get out cause you won’t know what the hell we’re talking about. Just kidding, you can stay if you want. What we’re going to talk about is the fact that it appears that recently the Marvel Universe wants to traumatise us all by just wiping out all of the fan fave chars in a short amount of time. In the case of Infinity War, we basically know many of the deaths will be reversed somehow at some point, but on the TV side of things, we don’t have a gauntlet causing the death of Fitz and the decline of Coulson.

In this case, the shows has made a big show of the change in characters. Coulson and May are now in Tahiti and while they may find a cure of some sort for Coulson, it wouldn’t surprise me if they moved on from these two simply because it may be time for the show to move to the rest of the crew. However, everything lately has been showing a bigger future for Fitz-Simmons but how can that be after this finale sees Fitz die? But does it really show this?

Let’s take a look at the season so far. A lot of it took place in the future by about 70 years I think it was (looked it up it was 74 years). All the team other than Fitz were taken to the future by a monolith thing. In the future, they meet Deke (Who they later discover is Fitz and Simmons’ grandson). Fitz has to save the team but he can’t wait 74 years to go to them, so he is put in suspended animation to wait out the time until he is needed. They do a bunch of the stuff needed in the future and then they all teleport back to the past.

So now in the present time, Fitz and Simmons get married and they find out about Deke. There is so much that seems to be building up to the future with these two. I would even say as long as Fitz and Simmons are together, even if the future has been changed, that there would still be a Deke as long as Fitz-Simmons stays together long enough for them to have a child. However, in the Finale for this season, Fitz takes a huge chunk of rock right to the head and when May and Mack uncover him, he’s bleeding from a wound that if you ever watch war movies you will know is usually a long slow painful death. This time it isn’t long, but it is painful at least to those of us watching.

At the end of the show, we see them tosting to Fitz. We see Simmons packing up Fitz’s things. We see them basically saying goodbye to Fitz and his memory before they drop off Coulson and May. I would argue though that the goodbye to Fitz is rather premature and here is why.

Fitz that died is Fitz from 74 years in the future! He went to the future the hard way but came back the easy way, otherwise he would never have been able to be in the future because he wasn’t frozen in the past. So, we have a dead Fitz and a frozen Fitz. However, we also have a new future, so if they think about it next season they can defrost poor Fitz and bring him “back” from the dead. There is a big problem with this that they would have to discuss though. This version of Fitz has not married Simmons, he did not propose to her in the future, he has no memories of what everyone went through on the lighthouse or afterwards. This however, could be a good Story Line to explore in season 6 and would give something for the new team to work on together.

So now we just have to see if they go and bring him back. What do you think? Will Season 6 see a defrosted Fitz? Did you catch this while watching the season finale? Sound off below with your thoughts and ideas!

5 thoughts on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5F- Is Fitz Really….?

  1. Fitz will be back. The way they played this out just tells us this. I feel like they could have done more here but I do like the way the season finale left it open with certain things without answering anything. A good cliffhanger always sets me up to be so much more excited to the next season and thus far, I have enjoyed almost every season finale they have done.

  2. I’ve always wanted to follow through with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., they say you can understand the Marvel storyline better if you connect it with the movies (although the movies are also watchable standalone) but I’ve read this blog where they rearranged in the best possible order of watching and I saw how they were able to include the marvel movies with agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes. I wish I have the time to watch it though! Would you definitely recommend the series?

      1. Kev, your mind and thoughts fascinate me, I like how you’re just upfront with things and just say things as it is and what you feel in your mind. Also that makes you good at making reviews because you’re honest. That gets me thinking what other series do you follow if there any?

        1. I kinda jump around with anything that catches my eye. Right now I am hooked on all the CW superhero shows. I LOVE Arrow and Flash, Supergirl is awesome and Legends of Tomorrow is just fun as can be. Not too thrilled with Black Lightning but I think they are falling in the trap of using a black hero and story line in such a way that it is hard for those of other races to really get into it. It’s not really a racist thing but when they get deep into the “this is how the black inner city is” type of Story Line most of the time I just zone out. Maybe if I had grown up in Inner city Philly instead of out in the suburbs I could relate to the drugs and guns and all that but I can’t….that’s one of the things with Luke Cage as well…I enjoyed the show but it was hard for me to get into it as they were relying too heavily on the black inner city experience for the Story. I get what they are trying to do with those two shows but at the same time if they weren’t fictional shows I don’t know if they would still be around…after all look how long Larry Wilmer’s show lasted on Comedy Central…it was like a season and a half if that and I think it is all because they had a black man calling out injustice to blacks. I am afraid Luke Cage might get too into doing that and I’m pretty sure Black Lightning is already too far into it from the beginning seeing as it never caught my interest at all. I want to make it clear…I have no problems with black superheroes (Some of my fave chars are black superheroes like Diggle and Curtis from Arrow and I love J’onn and Jimmy Olsen in Supergirl) and I have no problem with blacks having their own heroes or their own hero shows. I just can’t personally relate to a lot of what they go through or put in the show when they focus so much on that in the Story and as such I feel in many ways it limits the population of who can enjoy the show.

          I have also been a HUGE fan lately of the show “Forged in Fire” which I hope to write a review on soon. It is an awesome show where they bring in blacksmiths from all over and have them duke it out kinda like one of the food channels cooking shows but in this case making weapons instead of cakes!

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