A Surprising Remedy for Diaper Rash

As a new father I have to say there are so many things in this world that I thought I knew 485586_10200916546653101_1933960890_nabout babies which are just completely wrong, or that I honestly had never heard of. I can honestly say that after almost three years of having a son I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Everyday there is a new surprise or something new to laugh at, or in some cases finding something new to cry over. This past year has truly been a great time in my life but it has been full of surprises. For instance I have found myself crying when listening to certain songs or watching certain music video’s that I have been able to listen to or watch for years without any effect. I find myself apologizing profusely to my son when I made him cry simply by laughing at the wrong time. I also can’t help but smile when my son laughs or help myself from feeling sad when he cries. I have never felt as much pride in anything as when my son first started crawling and trying to stand or the first time I heard him say daddy (even though he was yelling at me at the time). I have often heard and so far it seems true that whenever you have your first child you will go to any lengths to take care of your child even if it’s something that sounds completely ridiculous.

The problem we ran into and still do every so often is a persistent Diaper Rash that just nothing seems to clear up! Our poor child seems to be very sensitive under his diaper so much so that it seems every week he gets a new spate of Diaper Rash right after we cleared up the first one. Now I can’t stand to have my son in pain or discomfort in any way, but then again what good parent could? So when he first started to get the Diaper Rash we of course went online to look up cures, and talked to our parents to see what they thought was best to get rid of this. Then we went to the store and started snapping up Desitin and Butt Cream and anything else that seemed like it might work. None of it did a thing! Then something wonderful and surprising happened, you see my Wife is a professional writer doing articles just like this (in fact you can see some of her articles on this site). Around this time she had an article to do on something called Manuka Honey and as she wrote the article she started to tell me some of it’s amazing properties.

mgo-400_2This honey is made from only one source the Manuka Bush (a type of Tea Tree) found in New Zealand. The Honey has a ton of curative properties associated with it whether it be swallowed or used to rub on the skin for cuts, stings, rashes and the like. After reading all of the things this Honey could supposedly do we decided that we may as well try it out since nothing else had been working. We went out to our local organic food shop and found several different strengths for the Manuka Honey. We found out that these Honey’s could be quite expensive depending on the strength. We have used both 500 and 250 and found that the stronger the honey the better it works but also the pricier it gets. A bottle of the 250 is around $20 and the 500 runs around $40. The most amazing thing though is that by smearing this honey on the diaper rash it did indeed go away!

So remember even if nothing else seems to work, check into herbal remedies or natural remedies because there might be something out there that can surprise you as well when nothing else seems to work.

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9 thoughts on “A Surprising Remedy for Diaper Rash

  1. That’s a really great idea! I personally have found that between my son’s sensitive skin and his eczema (he gets bleeding sores if he has a bowel movement during the night for instance), the only only ONLY thing that works is a long soak in an Epsom salt or baking soda bath. It dries the rash up in three days if we soak him daily and give him two to three hours to be naked every day. I haven’t tried the honey, but I might have to once we have the money to grab a jar! My question is, does it make him sticky? If so, is it hard to clean that off?

    1. It is sticky like any honey and would be best to slather on right before bed when he has his diaper or over-nights on to give a barrier and some extra protection during the night. It worked miracles for our little guy and was the only thing that cleared his diaper rash. Only word of caution is if he is under 1 1/2 years old make sure he doesn’t get at the honey and eat it- pure straight honey isn’t good for little ones to eat until they are around 2 years old. but used on his butt or places that you can cover should work well for clearing up that rash and healing the sores.

      1. Okay, thanks for the suggestion! His skin seems to be getting less sensitive with time, but because diaper cream doesn’t really help diaper rash, we’ve had to improvise heavily. It’s nice to know there’s more options out there. Do you know if regular honey would help as well? I can’t quite afford a jar of manuka yet.

  2. I have read so much about Manuka Honey. My dad buys it by the pound if he can find it online. For him, it helps a weird rash that started on his leg. Been under control since he has been using it.

  3. First if all I want say that you son is so cute and beautiful! The problem of diaper rash is universal and they have to suffer from it badly. I am not aware about medical use of Manuka Honey. I will suggest it to my friends who are tired from their babies diaper rash.

  4. Love this post, and you know what? parents think they are the one teaching the kids everything but infact, it’s the other way around, they teach you so much and they are joy to watch them grow. Speaking of manuka honey, yes it can be expensive but the benefits are endless, worth every penny… it has help me with stomach acid, acid reflux and my babygirl had relly bad eczema, i love this stuff.

  5. I remember my brother used to have a terrible diaper rash that nothing seemed to cure. My parents tried all types of creams, ointments and the likes, but the only thing they seemed to do was sooth his rash for an hour at most. It would have been useful to know about this type of honey when he was young. Perhaps, it might come in handy now because my father has a persistent rash on his arm that stubbornly refuses to give in to any type of medicine.

  6. Fantastic suggestion! Seems to be doing the trick quite well, which I hadn’t expected but seriously kudos! I’d tried a range of creams before, but they proved ineffective or they would work initially but soon become just as uncomfortable for my son. Hopefully, this will continue to work and I can put this matter to bed!

  7. Hi
    In your post you have made clear that how diaper rash appears and why, you also suggested various very important solution for removing diaper rash. It’s great. I am also want to say that the main factor behind appearing diaper rash onto the bottom of baby is wearing diaper for a long span of time.
    So I would like to add that prevention is better than cure.
    Thanks for nice post.

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