About our Soaps and our Company:

DraxisWeb Productions is run by two creative people Sarah Jo Coryell and myself Kevin Coryell. While we are both writers, we also end up with interesting ideas in other areas and when they seem like really good ideas we try to run with them.

In this case,we had the idea that whenever we go to the few conventions we like we see just about anything imaginable for the various fandoms we like, just about anything but never have we seen soaps! Around the time we came to this conclusion, we also noticed one of my friends from childhood had started to sell her own soaps at flea markets and so after speaking to her about how things are done we found out that it could be viable to do specialized soaps for the geek and horror communities.

We have bought some premade molds and are now learning how to make some molds of our own. While we don’t make our own soap we do buy quality melt and pour bases and will be listing the ingredients on our site for you in case anyone is worried about allergies. We also want to keep a stock of additives and fragrances that you can pick to customize your soaps.

Unlike other home based soap makers I want to be perfectly honest with you. We don’t sit here and whittle down a bar until we have everything with exacting perfect detail and guess what- neither do those other home based companies. We make molds and we pour the soap into it, if someone makes it sound like they are doing more to make their soaps I can assure you they aren’t. While this process isn’t as horribly hard as some sites will make you think, it is a very tedious process because we are limited to only making anywhere from 1-6 of something at a time depending on how many molds of a certain thing we have. WeE also have to work on coloring, fragrances, pouring, cooling, and safely removing the soaps from the molds. This is by no means a mass making process. My wife and I are the only soap makers and we take our time and care with each pour trying to get the colors and everything else just right for you.

Be checking back often to see what new soaps we are offering!