Welcome back everyone, we are back again with one more week of comic reviews for you. Let me tell you last week was a doozy for me. I had to have a sleep study as my last test said I had MAJOR sleep apnea. So this time they brought me into the lab and they hooked me up to a ton of equipment and put a mask over my nose and everything. Looking at the picture you would wonder how the heck I got to sleep with this stuff on last week but honestly, things went a lot better than I thought they would. I slept the whole night through without even moving when I usually toss and turn and get up for like 4 potty breaks at least most nights. I have to admit I am excited to get a CPAP machine for my house as maybe this would let me get some much needed energy during the day which would allow me to write more and more blogs for you! But until then I am still pushin ahead the best I can to bring you more reviews.

This week we have two comic blogs from different stores the first one being from our great friends at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala! So be sure to check them out, they recently were in one of our local magazines for their trivia night. Check out their facebook page for the times on trivia night by clicking the banner above or check out their website for at home shopping ease by clicking the banner below!

So our first comic of the week is from the mainstream big two this time it’s DC. The comic itself is Batman Kings of Fear #1. I have to admit I went into this with some preconceived notions. I mean with a name like Kings of Fear you would expect Scarecrow to be forefront of the story and yet this king of fear doesn’t appear until the last few pages. No, instead this whole book is a lead up book for everything else and a non-needed lead up book at that. The book starts with Batman going after the Joker who has taken hostages. After a fast and boring battle scene, they spend several pages of Joker in the Batmobile taunting Batman until Batman finally goes and gasses the Joker. Batman drops Joker off at Arkham with a nurse or doctor not sure which who thinks that Batmans methods do more harm than good by showing the bad guys that their methods get the reaction from him…..he somehow validates what they do according to the doctor. She reiterates that again after they have a small mass breakout that Batman puts down with more violence. Once everything has calmed down though, they find out that Scarecrow has disappeared and he has a hostage!

This comic went VERY fast. I’m not sure if it was shorter than most or if it just read that way. To me, the whole story was just kinda filler for what’s coming. I’m hoping that what comes next will be good but for this one to me it was just a waste, there was nothing special to it. This was your typical lead up filler comic to setup something that just right now didn’t feel that special yet. They could have just said Scarecrow had escaped with someone and started the comic there and had something really special with it. To have Joker inexplicably escape instead just to set up a Scarecrow escape, well to me it seems like you had a chore to build a shelf but before you could build the shelf you had to build another shelf to hold your tools so you could build the shelf in the chore instead of just letting your tools lay on the floor ya know.

Have you read this comic yet? If so, what did you think about this? Did it feel like a good start to a special storyline to you? Let us know your thoughts below! Also if you would like to support us please go to www.ko-fi.com/thalra and help us get some funds to make our site even better for everyone!