Sorry this one is so late…somehow I missed it when posting all my other ones last week.

Welcome back again for this week. Now as I write this things are going wonky on my site. For me things look all FUBAR yet for my iPad and my Wife’s computer things look fine. So I really don’t know how things will look for you guys reading this yet. So, if things are all odd looking and off I do apologize. This is one of the reasons I now have a page with Ko-fi where if you like what I am doing here and want to support me you can give us a tip in the form of the price of a cup of coffee (they have it set at $3). Once we reach $100 from this we plan on getting a new operating software for the wordpress pages I ran across that should make things work so much better for everyone and make it where the design will be so much better all around. You can go to to support us! Anyway this last blog is also brought to you by those wonderful people at Vibranium Comics and Games!

For this last comic this week, we have Infinity Wars Prime. I have been reading a few of the lead ups to this and to be perfectly honest so far they have failed to fully grip me. That’s right, I am in a state of non-grippedness, totally not gripped. So, I went into this one hoping it could be better and honestly I am writing this one last because for a bit I forgot that I had even read it. I think that unfortunately they got rid of all their good infinity war stories the first 3 or 4 times we have had the infinity stones. This time it just doesn’t stick out past most normal comics….the specialness just isn’t here for me in this one. However for a normal comic it is a good one. It has some good action some good plot points and the like, for a normal comic storyline. If you judge it by any random comic pulled from a stack of non special storylines this would measure up well. However, due to how big a thing the infinity war movie has been, how big the previous infinity war, gauntlet and crusade stories were, I guess I just expect more from this current incarnation and so far I’m just not seeing it. For those collecting things Infinity Stone I would suggest getting it, it’s not bad. For those expecting a blockbuster from it, well I hope you aren’t too disappointed in what’s there if you buy it.

I have to be honest though, I can be very picky when it comes to stories that should be blockbusters but don’t measure up in my opinion. You may like this comic where I don’t. But if you buy it and then are like “Man I should have listened” then all I can do is quote Monty Python’s Holy Grail with “I warned you! But would you listen? Nooooooo.” But ultimately it’s all up to you to decide!

So for those of you that have read it, what did you think? If you haven’t read it do you plan on getting it and why? Let us know below and remember to check out Vibranium’s website in the banner below and the facebook page in the banner above.