There is a bunch of discussion going around about seeing representation in comics and videos and such. It seems that when minorities take over a white superheroes job and name it’s fine but if it goes the other way it’s white washing. I’ll probably make a post about that and why I have problems with some upcoming characters like Kamala Khan as Ms Marvel. While she will be the basis of that blog this random thought has her as the main point too. Of all people, she replaced  Ms Marvel as that namesake when, with her power set and all, shouldn’t she be called Ms Fantastic or something similar? After all she has the same power set as Mr Fantastic so if you’re going to let the next gen steal the older gens names why not at least match their power sets right? Just seems odd to m and makes it feel forced in a way like they are just trying to get this character put in here somehow to appeal to a certain demographic or group.