ATG Comic Review: Mr and Mrs X

Welcome back to our comic reviews. This week as you can see we have been quite busy with lots of reviews and some small little theories and such thrown out there just for fun. So now we’re getting back to our reviews and going full bore on what Vibranium Comics gave us for this week’s reviews. Remember to drop by Vibraniums website with the banner below or the facebook page with the banner above to find out when their different events are. They have a big back to school sale coming up that you won’t want to miss.

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Our next comic for Vibranium is Mr and Mrs X. I am of two minds about this comic. I loved the comic for the story it had and I have always loved the characters that were presented in it. However in my mind Mr and Mrs X should still be Kitty and Piotr and NOT Rogue and Gambit so in my mind I still see this one right now as kinda being a “Here you go please don’t kill us!” type of sacrificial lamb. I did very much enjoy the comic for what was given to us though. I loved seeing everyone going crazy in the first half to go and find the pieces needed for Rogues last minute gown and all those little bits that the bride is supposed to have (ie blue, borrowed, new ect).

I also liked the cameo from Mystique. I also found it interesting that they actually made mention of Nightcrawler and Rogue being brother and sister as that’s not something they mention all that often (Mystique being the mother of both). I liked that they had Rogue wearing the power damper (though I could have sworn that at some point she had finally gotten control of her power but I guess she lost it again). I had to laugh at Beast when she asked why no one had ever made one smaller, his sarcasm had a good point to it.

The place they went for their honeymoon was awesome and the fact that they were called on for a mission just made me laugh. It was interesting seeing the piece of M’Kran crystal I thought it was and the fact that it became an egg. The fact that deadpool got involved was also a bit interesting. I find myself grudgingly enjoying this even if it is the wrong couple and wanting to see what happens in the next few comics as well.

What are your thoughts about this comic?  Do you like the sound of it? Have you read it yourself and if so what did you think of it? Sound off below and tell us what is on  your mind! We love hearing from our readers so talk to us! 🙂

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