So welcome back to the reviews! We had a fun ole time in Ocala, Florida this weekend. We had Ocala Comic Con happening. I unfortunately, was not able to go this year, but I hope next year things have calmed down enough for me to be able to take a bit of time and do some of the more fun things like this. If you did make it to the con, sound off below and let us know what you thought. Our good friends from Vibranium Comics and Games were there this weekend, so if you were there you will have found out what cool peeps they are and why we go back to them time after time. Make sure you check out their facebook and website pages by clicking the banners above and below and just show them some love in return for their awesome job!

This week we saw Tank Girl, which was in our other blog that’s already live on the site, but we also got an equally silly but much more fun comic in the form of another new Archie series. This mini-series is only supposed to be two books long and it is the Superteens Versus Crusaders! This comic was a fun little setup comic for the action that’s going to take place next comic between the two teams. The setup was fun as it introduced a substitute teacher, who turns out to be a supervillain (what teacher isn’t a supervillain to kids though right?). Said Sub goes tearing through the school in a giant mech suit ripping up the campus. Only one team can stop him- The Mighty Crusaders! However, only one of them has shown up so far and he is getting his butt kicked. So Archie and his pals stop and decide to help using their Mighty Morphin Power Ranger type Morphers to become the Super Teens!

So far this opening Salvo is what you would expect from classic Archie. Some good art and some good laughs with a cute story- very enjoyable overall. This is the type of Archie comic I grew up with and love, not the drama crap from Riverdale or the AU Horror stories that so far have just not caught my interest. Now that you know what I thought, I want to hear from you, which type of Archie story do you enjoy and why? Sound off below and let your voice be heard!