So it has been a few years now since Disney bought and revived the Star Wars saga that was supposedly not going to get it’s 3rd trilogy until Disney got it’s white mittens on it. In the beginning, I was scared for this series but again and again Disney has proved that while it may not always be what fans want to see, they still do a hell of a job at telling stories in the Star Wars Universe.  Sure they may have scrapped the Extended Universe to the horror of some (myself included) but all in all, even with all the complaints I have, I have not been too upset with how they are going about things. Most of my grievances are more continuity and technical based rather than story based. All in all, I have enjoyed what they have done; however, it seems that their newest outing ‘Solo’ has hit a brick wall and without having seen it yet, I think I know why.

I know some people may think it’s because we have started to reach a saturation point with Star Wars, but I don’t think that’s the issue with this one, and there’s several reasons why. Here are my thoughts on why ‘Solo’ seems to be missing the mark right out of the gate:

Losing its Directors- It was partially through the creation process when this film lost it’s duo of directors. While it was said it was a difference between their creative outlook and Disney’s this was the first bit of bad news coming from the studio and may have put off some fans from the start.

Lack of Publicity- recently, all of the blockbuster movies have been pumping out major publicity. From Jurassic World, to Avengers, to Star Wars VIII, we are seeing teasers and trailers almost a year out. A lot of these movies that are making it big this summer are making sure we know when they are being released and they are hyping us well in advance. ‘Solo’ however put out it’s first spot during the Super Bowl only 4 months before it’s release, and even since then there has not been much noise or hype made for the movie, even by it’s own studio.

Bad Publicity- From the stories about the director leaving to stories that originally this could have been compared to Ace Ventura in space, most of the news we have heard has not been good news about ‘Solo’. I don’t care how good your movie is, when you see stories saying that Disney expects you to flop, then it may be a self fulfilling prophecy that the movie is going to do badly at the box office. There were so many reports that came out saying that Disney itself expected ‘Solo’ to flop and no words came from Disney that I saw to refute it…how can you expect the audience to have a good morale going into a movie if you don’t tell them you have faith in it?

Bad Release Date- So far for the past few years, we have had major blockbusters coming out at Christmas. First it was the Hobbit movies and then when they stopped taking the Christmas time frame Disney claimed it with Star Wars. Next year we even see Star Wars going back to the December release dates for the last part of the Skywalker saga portion of the Star Wars universe. So what’s bad with this time of year that they chose for ‘Solo’- the summertime? Many times nothing, people try to get the summer blockbuster spot but then the films don’t always stand up to the hype. Unfortunately, this year we just got off the heels of the immensely popular Black Panther, the hugely successful Avengers Infinity War is still going strong, and another juggernaut in Deadpool 2 was released just a week or two before Solo. I don’t care what movie you are or who is backing you, when you’re up against such a bevy of successful movies even if when it’s all put together like this it is a recipe for disaster. Under these circumstances, I don’t think any movie could have done wonderfully. Still I can’t wait to go and see the movie soon.

Limits on Story Development- This is a touchy subject for some, prequels and back stories can be a lot of fun and help us fall even more in love with characters we like.  However, they must be done carefully and I think Disney picked the wrong character to do a backstory on. Hear me out on this. Han is a great character that many of us love, but we already know  alot about him. One thing I have heard several times from friends is that the story felt very forced for Solo. We know how he is and we know him so well. You can’t easily write a story about a ‘scruffy nerf-herder’ where he’s starting out as a upstanding pilot, or a story where this mercenary character is attending school to be part of the military.  It doesn’t work and we know it won’t last because that is not Han. When faced with a dilemma that could define his character we already know what he is going to choose because he is Han from the original movies. Rather than trying to fill in gaps in a backstory we don’t really need, I’d rather see a backstory on Master Yoda, or Dooku, or someone we know very little about- it allows for more freedom with thes tory development because it is basically a clean slate. We didn’t get that with the ‘Solo’ movie.

Have you seen the movie and if so, do you think there is something I’ve missed for it’s failure?  Or do you think as I do that Disney just dropped the ball with this one? Sound off below and let us know!

Hope you enjoyed!