ATG Comic Review: Weapon Lost #1

Welcome back! I hope you guys all loved the way I handled the Avengers review. I wanted to try something a little different with it to give enough to tantalize for the good story but hopefully not give too much away. After all, Thanos Hates Spoilers! Anyway back to the reviews! This weeks second review is also brought to you by Vibranium Comic and Games and it ties into one of the reviews we had last week. So, remember to show Vibranium some love and click the banner above for their facebook page and the end banner for their online store.

Our second review this week is directly tied to the review last week for the Hunt for Wolverine. This is one of the spin offs from that comic and it is called Weapon Lost. In this we see the beginnings of the hunt from Daredevil’s perspective. This is mostly an introduction comic as it lets Daredevil get a team together that could start hunting for Wolverine. There’s not really too much to say for this comic. It’s good as an intro comic, but if you’re looking for action you may want to go elsewhere. It does have some but not all that much at all since it’s really just putting a team together. The biggest draw of this comic for me is to see who  the team Daredevil formed was made up of. This happened to be the Inhuman Frank McGee who oversees the Inhumans own police force for Attilan. Daredevil then recruits Misty Knight though it’s Frank who convinces her to join up as she said she was retired. They talk about how this could take them all over the world so they would need some sort of translator, Misty said she knew someone and thus they rounded out their team with Doug Ramsey also known as Cypher (I still want to know how he isn’t Douglock anymore, but I digress). When they find Doug he is tied up with his Mutant power of translation trying to make sense of the internet! Sorry Doug but I don’t think even your powers could ever do that! So they get Doug to help them track Wolverine and surprisingly enough he finds them a page that has a listing of all the Wolverine sightings in the past however many months and him holding up that chart is the end of the comic.

This isn’t a comic I would rush out and buy….the ones after this most likely yes, since they will probably have more action and adventure but this one truly is just a team building story and has no real umph to it. I think this story could easily be skipped over and just picked up with the second comic since the team is now formed. However, for sake of completeness if you’re OCD on that then certainly get this book.

If you’ve seen this one already do you think it’s worth the time of others to buy it? Or is this a one read meh do as you please story? Sound off in our comments below, we love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Weapon Lost #1

  1. You actually dis a nice job with the avengers review. Weapon Lost is fun and serves as a good intro comic.

  2. Thanks for the honest review. This sounds like mostly filler. I’m not sure that I want to purchase a comic book with little action and which shows a team being formed. It probably works better in a trade paperback when the entire story is collected. I wish Marvel would stop publishing monthly issues for the ultimate purpose of trades. Not everyone wants to buy a comic and a trade. Make the comics interesting on their own and you might start selling more books.

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